Hobo Quilts: 55+ Original Blocks Based on the Secret Language of Riding the Rails

Hobo Quilts: 55+ Original Blocks Based on the Secret Language of Riding the Rails

Debra G. Henninger

Language: English

Pages: 256

ISBN: 1440204128

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Wrap yourself in a quilt that tells the story of the Knights of the Road.

Explore the fascinating world of the depression-era hobo through the culture's hidden language of signs and symbols, all translated into original quilt blocks and projec

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hearted, soft touch. The bag held sandwiches, a cake and an apple. FRANK KRIECH, Ohio GOOD WATER Started with $24 and worked a few hours selling papers and on odd jobs. Ate in soup kitchens and bummed on street or at food stores. In less populated ares, I carried a little gunny sack with things like peanut butter, bread, sardines or baked beans which I bought or for which I did some work. Slept in or on freight cars, in hay stacks if lucky, in the woods, in hobo camps, in the field, in

night. The last day we didn’t have anything to eat. And to make matters worse, my buddy caught the train and I didn’t make it. It was going too fast. So I decide to hitchhike the rest of the way home. I didn’t have a penny to my name and it was hot, about ninety degrees on that highway, thirsty and hungry. But finally I got a ride from nice old gentleman that was going right to my home town. And I think after that experience I was glad to be working back on the farm and just watch the trains go

Maybe their stay would be several days and then they’d be on their way. I would always cry when that happened because I claimed them as “friends.” They were completely harmless but that was their way of life. DOROTHY VORHAUER, Virginia PHOTOGRAPH BY RUSSELL LEE, COURTESY OF THE LIBRARY OF CONGRESS, LC-DIG-FSA-8A22082 CANNED HEAT “Canned heat” refers to the way hard-core drinking hobos would strain Sterno through a cloth to squeeze the alcohol from the paraffin. It was a very dangerous

Northern Railroad roundhouse was located. It’s where they turned the train around on a huge lazy susan type apparatus. As a matter of fact, my Uncle Jack worked there for a time and brought home a roundhouse door that we used as a porch off the kitchen. It was very large and I am sorry I never asked him how he got it home! JUANITA PENMAN, Tennessee In Montana and in North Dakota I saw many whole families getting on the train with all they could carry—men, women and children. The Yard Bulls

1½" × 45½" Cut 6 strips 4½" × WOF for Outer Border, sew together into one strip, then from this strip cut the following: 2 strips 4½" × 45½" 2 strips 4½" × 53½" Materials List for 53" × 67" Lap Quilt 48 Hobo Blocks (Rich People) White Block Fabric: 1 yards Red Block Fabric: yard Black Block Fabric: ½ yard Sashing Strips: yard Sashing Corners: ¼ yard Inner Border: yard Outer Border: 1 yards Binding: yard Backing: 3 yards Batting: 59" × 73" Cutting List for 53" × 67" Lap Quilt

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