Herbie Hancock: Possibilities

Herbie Hancock: Possibilities

Herbie Hancock, Lisa Dickey

Language: English

Pages: 368

ISBN: 0143128027

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The warmly welcomed memoir by one of the most influential and beloved musicians of our time
In Herbie Hancock: Possibilities, the legendary jazz musician and composer reflects on an extraordinary life and a thriving career that has spanned seven decades. A true innovator who has spent a lifetime exploring a range of musical genres, and enriching each of them, Hancock has had an enormous influence on acoustic and electric jazz, R&B, funk, and hip-hop.

From his beginnings as a child prodigy to his early classic Blue Note recordings; from his work in Miles Davis’s second great quintet to his innovations as the leader of his own groundbreaking sextet; from era-defining classic albums like Head Hunters and River: The Joni Letters to his collaborations with artists like Wayne Shorter and Stevie Wonder, Hancock reveals the methods behind his ever-evolving musical genius. He discusses his influences, his happy marriage, and how his practice of Buddhism has inspired him both creatively and personally. Honest, enlightening, and as electrifyingly vital as its author, this is an invaluable contribution to jazz literature and an intimate, insightful portrait of a creative life.

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something nobody’s tried before.” I explained my concept of letting people construct the songs they wanted to hear, and the executives seemed intrigued, so we set up another meeting with their technology guy to find out what was really feasible. This tech guy was amazing, just full of creative ideas. One I remember was that he wanted to put all of PolyGram’s music on a server, so customers could download songs directly. This was long before iTunes, so it was a radical concept. And he had a lot

orchestrations. Tony was always pushing boundaries, not just for himself but for entire musical genres. Miles Davis usually gets credit for being the pioneer of jazz-rock fusion, thanks to his brilliant 1970 album Bitches Brew. But what few people realize is that Miles was actually influenced by Tony’s band, Tony Williams Lifetime, which was already forging that new territory with the double-album jazz-rock classic Emergency! in 1969. When Miles heard what Tony was doing, he said, “This is the

made them famous? I thought it would be really exciting to hear Christina Aguilera work her magic on a Leon Russell song, or see what would happen when the Irish singer-songwriter duo Damien Rice and Lisa Hannigan took on a Billie Holiday song. You never know what will happen when people dare to step outside their comfort zones, and that’s what I wanted to get them to do on this record. I figured that some of the artists might surprise themselves, but what I didn’t count on was how much they’d

records, and he wanted me, even though I’d never done a movie score before. So 3M Music bought me a first-class ticket to fly to London for a private screening of the film. I had never flown first-class, and it was really nice: tablecloths, beautiful silverware, Beluga caviar, Dom Pérignon champagne, incredible service. I was feeling pretty good by the time I got to the screening, which was to be the first time any of the executives had seen the film. Antonioni had complete artistic control over

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