Hello Bastar - The Untold Story of India's Maoist Movement

Hello Bastar - The Untold Story of India's Maoist Movement

Rahul Pandita

Language: English

Pages: 132

ISBN: 2:00211306

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Hello Bastar is the inside story of the current Maoist movement in India

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speeches and songs). It was ironical that a man who rode on an anti-Congress wave in the state to form a party and then win elections after calling Naxalites 'Desh Bhaktalu' (patriots) in 1982 would now clamp down even on cultural performances. Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao, or NTR in short, was a very popular actor of Telugu cinema and had founded the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) in 1982 to counter the Congress government in the state. Travelling thousands of kilometres across the state in a van driven

an eternal blossom, intoxicates the mind with memories of her vivacious and loving spirit. Even here, in the High Risk ward of Tihar jail, the five sets of bars that incarcerate us cannot extinguish the aroma that Anu radiates in one's memories. The pain one suffers here seems so insignificant compared to what she must have faced on that fateful day.' How did a girl like Anuradha, born into privilege, come to choose a life of struggle and hardship in the treacherous jungles of Bastar, a rifle by

says that efforts should be made to oppose the creation of separate 'workers' and 'employees' unions. However, where such separate unions exist already, forces should be allocated for fractional work within them. 'Some industries like transport, communications, power, oil and natural gas, defence production can play a crucial role in the people's war. Disruption of production in these industries has an immediate impact on the enemy's ability to fight the war. If struggles in such industries are

quoted the case of Brazil which had only 18 billionaires despite a greater GDP than India. Or Germany, which had three times India's GDP and a per capita income 40 times India's but had the same number of billionaires. 'If Russia is an oligarchy, how long can we resist calling India one?' he wondered. What Rajan said is complete truth. One such case to prove this point is the bizarre manner in which the Orissa government bent over backwards to give clearance to Vedanta University, floated by

to the Srikakulam movement. He exhorted the revolutionaries to make Srikakulam the Yenan of India. He told them to pursue the policy of 'khatam' or annihilation to the fullest. Describing a meeting with the Srikakulam comrades which took place at a secret location in the hills, Mazumdar writes about his experience6: '... These comrades are no idle daydreamers. So, they are not thinking of winning victory the easy way. They realise that attacks are sure to come and that they may even have to

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