Hat Shop: 25 Projects to Sew, from Practical to Fascinating (Design Collective)

Hat Shop: 25 Projects to Sew, from Practical to Fascinating (Design Collective)

Susanne Woods

Language: English

Pages: 112

ISBN: 1607056208

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The latest installment in our popular Design Collective series features over 25 hat projects from contemporary designers all over the world, each hand-selected for their freshly sewn flair and skilled millinery work. Ladies and gents, boys and girls…what will you tip from the top of your head? A bonnet, a cap, a cloche, a tam? Projects include other adornments for your crown, such as headbands, fascinators, and scarves. From playful to practical, sassy to sophisticated, there is something for everyone to make and wear any day, every day

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raw edges. Match the centers, with the bright accent side of the brim facing the right side of the cotton/linen crown, and pin. Continue pinning the crown to the brim along the inside curve of the brim. 7. Tuck the cotton/linen hat body, pinned to the brim, into the cotton 8. Turn the hat right side out poplin lining hat body (still right side in); the right sides will be together as shown. Line up all the centers and seams, and match and pin the seams; repin the brim as well between the raw

between publishing jobs), she operated a custom quiltmaking business. She found a happy home as creative director at C&T Publishing (and its imprint Stash Books) and continues to sew in her spare time. With the arrival of her two children, quilting gave way to smaller, less time- and space-consuming projects such as garments, purses and other accessories, and miscellaneous stuffed animal accoutrements. Gailen is looking forward to her children’s eventual independence so she can spend more time in

a satin stitch (0.4 on some machines). The width is the width of the visible stitches, not the size of the center hole. The size of the center eyelet hole is controlled by the distance of the stitches from each other and the amount you rotate with each step. The closer the stitches or the smaller the rotation, the tighter the eyelet circle. Use the needle-down position if you have it. 2. Insert the needle next to the eyelet mark, and 2. Repeat Step 1 with the remaining pieces, pairing the

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firmly. Put several pins along the bottom of the brim so that the 2 sides of the bonnet and the brim will not shift when you topstitch. Fold in and close the neck opening with a few pins. edge of the entire bonnet, 1/8˝ from the edge. Reversible Baby Bonnet 31 king and queen for a day HAT SIZE: Adjustable (head circumference up to 24˝) X A celebratory crown will make anyone feel special. Embellished with sweet felt flowers and customized with the initial of the recipient, this crown is

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