Handmade Hostess: 12 Imaginative Party Ideas for Unforgettable Entertaining 36 Sewing & Craft Projects 12 Desserts

Handmade Hostess: 12 Imaginative Party Ideas for Unforgettable Entertaining 36 Sewing & Craft Projects 12 Desserts

Kelly Lee-Creel, Rebecca Söder

Language: English

Pages: 160

ISBN: 1607055600

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

In this book, Kelly and Rebecca have captured the heart of social gatherings for special occasions—expressing your love for family and friends in the DIY spirit of decorating, baking, and sewing. Discover how easy it can be to plan and create stylishly themed parties for all ages without breaking the bank. Have fun stitching and crafting creative décor projects along with matching party favors for your guests…plus, each party theme comes with its own signature dessert recipe. Dozens of sewing and no-sew projects for all skill levels, ranging from chic and elegant to festive and whimsical.

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cutter or a knife. Layer Buttercream Icing between 2 squares of cake. Take a piece of fondant and roll it out ″–¼″ thick on a smooth surface lightly covered with powdered sugar. Lay it on top of the cake and gently wrap and press it around each petit four. Trim excess fondant from the corners and bottom with kitchen shears. Use the tiny flower cookie cutter to cut small flowers out of the fondant. Adhere them to the tops of the petit fours with a drop of water. To make chocolate-covered petit

hot glue to attach the 2 leaves to each other at both pointed ends, leaving an opening in the center where the ribbon tie will pass through. 3. Gather the ends of the 5 petals in your hand, a petal at a time, fanning them out and arranging them into a hibiscus shape (Figures 1 and 2). Refer to Fabric Flowers (page 53) to see how this technique was used to create the large roses. Insert the stamen into the center of the flower. Wrap the bottom of the petals securely with a rubber band. Figure

object to get a firm shape. 4. Sew each pair of shoe pieces right sides together (Figure 1). Clip the curves, and turn. Pin a shoe collar to the top of the outside of a shoe, overlapping the shoe more in the back than the front (Figure 2). Hand stitch the collar to the shoe along the inside edge, and fold to the outside. Repeat with remaining shoe and shoe collar. Figure 1 Figure 2 5. Slip the shoes onto the ends of the chair legs. Take a few stitches to tack the back of each shoe to a

blessing inside each boat. Inside Taylor’s boat is a favorite Thanksgiving quote: “We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures.”—Thornton Wilder Materials and Supplies Makes 1 boat. • Brown felt: 4″ × 4″ for boat base • Orange paper: 1″ × 3″ for flag • Beige pipe cleaner: 1 • White card stock: 3″ × 4″ for sail INSTRUCTIONS Patterns are available to print from http://tinyurl.com/10871-patterns. 1. Cut 2 boat base pieces

so stitches have a tendency to pull apart and shapes will not be as crisp. Cutting The secret of a beautifully sewn felt item begins with proper cutting techniques. We highly recommend using freezer paper, found in most grocery stores. Freezer paper is like waxed paper with the wax on only one side. 1. Trace the template pattern onto the dull side of the freezer paper. 2. Leaving a wide margin around the shape, cut out the freezer-paper template and press it with an iron, shiny side

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