Goldie (The Puppy Place)

Goldie (The Puppy Place)

Ellen Miles

Language: English

Pages: 80

ISBN: 0439793793

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Welcome to the Puppy Place--where every puppy finds a home!

Charles and Lizzie Peterson love puppies.  They want a puppy of their own more than just about anything.  They know dogs are a lot of work.  But their mom still doesn't think their family is ready for a puppy.

Then, Goldie arrives.  She is a sweet golden retriever that needs a home.  Goldie is very young. She doesn't know how to be a good puppy yet.  Will Charles and Lizzie be able to help her?


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believe it. Sammy’s mom looked at Sammy’s dad. Then she nodded. “I think it means you found a new home for Goldie,” she said. “She’s going to be your neighbor.” That night, the Petersons celebrated with pizza. Pepperoni for Charles, olives for Lizzie, and extra cheese for the Bean. It was great to know Goldie would be living right next door. “I have to admit that you kids really did a great job with Goldie,” Mom said. “Plus, you kept your side of the deal. Lizzie, you kept up with your

They tiptoed out of the room and down the stairs. Goldie woke up a few minutes later. She stretched and yawned and looked around for her people. Where were they? They had gone away and left her all alone. This was her chance to sniff and explore this fun new place. Goldie roamed all over Lizzie’s room, discovering exciting new smells and tastes in every corner. Finally, Goldie wandered over to the door. There was a pile of scritchy, scratchy fresh new papers. Goldie had been wishing for

something to chew and tear apart. These papers looked just right! She dove into the pile and got to work. “So, when we went back upstairs after setting the table, there was Goldie, sitting in the middle of a huge pile of shredded paper!” Charles laughed, remembering the “what did I do?” look on Goldie’s face when he and Lizzie came into the room. Goldie had destroyed every single one of the signs they had made! But it didn’t feel right to yell at her, and Lizzie said there was no point in

little champ,” said the man, bending down to give Goldie a hearty pat on the ribs. “Aren’t you a sturdy little thing?” Goldie wondered who these people were. Why were they here? Her people were being nice to these new folks, so Goldie tried to be nice, too. She put her paws up on the man’s knees and barked happily. “Goldie!” said Mom. “She doesn’t usually do that,” she told the people. “She’s really very well behaved.” Charles stared at his mother. Was she really thinking of giving Goldie to

convince my parents.” “We can do it,” Charles said. “Goldie is the best puppy ever. How could they say no?” Sammy and Charles and Lizzie brought Goldie right over to meet Sammy’s parents. Charles held her in his arms so she wouldn’t get down and chase around with Rufus, breaking things and making a mess. Sammy’s dad said that Goldie looked like a great pup. “But we already have a dog,” he added. “And I’m not sure I can go through the whole housebreaking thing again. Rufus took months to learn.

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