Getting Started with Clickteam Fusion

Getting Started with Clickteam Fusion

Jürgen Brunner

Language: English

Pages: 114


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Create compelling 2D games using Clickteam Fusion

About This Book

  • Use the easy-to-understand Fusion editors to design, animate, and program your first 2D games
  • Create 2D games without a scripting language or any foreknowledge of game development
  • Step-by-step tutorial that will guide you through the many features and essential aspects of creating video games.

Who This Book Is For

This book is for game enthusiasts who want to create their own 2D video games. No prior knowledge of programming or Clickteam Fusion is necessary.

What You Will Learn

  • Create 2D games and apps without a scripting language
  • Understand game mechanics like movements, physics, or simple artificial intelligence
  • Explore the different editors of Fusion including the frame, animation, and event editors
  • Prototype your small and big game ideas in Fusion
  • Discover more and more about different game types and create your own little game worlds

In Detail

Clickteam Fusion is an extremely powerful yet easy-to-use visual creation tool. With Clickteam Fusion's amazing event editor system, you are able to quickly generate games or apps without having to master a traditional programming language. Clickteam Fusion is a game and application authoring tool that allows you to design and develop games for Windows, iOS, Android, Flash, and XNA for Windows mobile phones and the Xbox.

With this in-depth practical guide, you will learn how to develop 2D games with the intuitive visual programming editor of Fusion and create simple prototypes within hours.You will learn about topics like Loops, Extensions, Exporters and Distribution as well as in depth coverage of other features like building 2d game movements and templates like Asteroids, Racing Car, Platformer or Physics.This book will help you create games for mobile devices and Pc with simple and descriptive game examples.

This book will guide you into the world of video game development, and will teach you how to create 2D games and apps without knowing a scripting language. You will also learn about the basics of this complete development studio, including how to use the graphics, animation, and programming editors.

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the following link: [ 89 ] Exporters of Fusion and Mobile Development Android/OUYA Developing for Android devices (Smartphones or the OUYA gaming console) also requires a couple of additional tools, such as the Java development kit and the Android SDK: • • html Publishing your games and apps on the

great life with game development, surprise us all with fantastic game ideas, and bring fun to the world! [ 93 ] Exporters of Fusion and Mobile Development Summary This last chapter has given you a brief overview of the current export possibilities of Fusion. You have learned the very basics of mobile development and know where to find the most important mobile special extensions. And yes… we have quoted Mr. Bob Ross. What a day! [ 94 ] Index A C

exporters 87, 88 extension 45 frames 7 objects 8, 45 properties 8 sound integration 67 upgrading, with exporters 87, 88 Fusion user interface basics 10 centre 11 left 11 Library Toolbar 12 right-hand side 11 top 11 G global object converting 78, 79 graphics importing 41 guidelines, Fusion user interface about 12 alpha 13 brainstorming 12 closed beta 13 gold master 13 greenlight 13 open beta 13 prototyping 12 H health bar values, setting 61, 62 HTML 5 89 I Import button 41 import options about

guide on game development using SlimDX 1. Harness the power of DirectInput and XInput to detect and respond to user input from keyboard, mouse, and joysticks/gamepads while adding the all important interactivity to your games. 2. Make the most of Direct2D, DirectSound, XAudio2, and Direct3D to make your game worlds come to life on the screen. 3. A practical guide packed with example code and quick instructions on game development with SlimDX. HTML5 Game Development with GameMaker ISBN:

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