Freed to Kill: The True Story of Serial Murderer Larry Eyler

Freed to Kill: The True Story of Serial Murderer Larry Eyler

Gera-Lind Kolarik

Language: English

Pages: 422

ISBN: 0380715465

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

An account of the murdering spree of Larry Eyler, who kidnapped, tortured, and killed at least twenty-three young men, describes how Eyler managed to evade capture for three years, his apprehension, and his release on a technicality. Reprint.

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consider. Now that discussing the case was their responsibility, they hardly knew where to begin. The evidence virtually spoke for itself. Almost every item except for the photos had the blood of Danny Bridges on it. After the juror Steve put the Polaroids of the body back onto the cart he began thinking over the case as a whole. That would have been easier if Schippers had put Eyler on the stand. As it was, there was nothing to offset all this evidence and the way Eyler showed no surprise or

fit. The wounds show he’s strong,” Colin said. “Or mad as hell.” The other killings had been just as ghastly, but there had been some comfort in the presumption that the murders were isolated instances. On April 8th, a construction worker found the body of Gustavo Herrera, another dark-haired young man with a good build and a mustache. He was buried under debris at a building site three-quarters of a mile away. Herrera had been difficult to type. He worked out at gyms and occasionally hung out

asked me to stop poking you; I did. But the next time, I’m not going to be so nice.” Colin’s cold stare said even more. It warned “I’m going to get you, Larry; if it takes three weeks or three months, I’m going to get you.” Just a few hours later that October 4th, two mushroom hunters in Petrified Springs Park in Kenosha County, Wisconsin, came across a large garbage bag not far from Highway 31. Inside was a human torso. The head, arms, and legs had been severed with a fine-toothed blade, such

gently on an accelerator. “Now, when you talked to Willie Smith a little earlier when he said ‘I am sending a truck down,’ did you say to him ‘Why don’t you wait until we get consent?’” “No.” “Did Willie Smith say ‘We are sending a truck. You get the car, I don’t care how you do it’?” Colin emphatically said, “No.” Schippers smiled and turned to Block, then asked, “Do you want to quit now, Judge?” The suppression hearing was continued until the next morning, but that didn’t mean Block could

get evidence that points to him first, and after a year and a half what do we have—a shirt. He’s going to get off on this one, too. Isn’t the law wonderful?” In Chicago, Danny Bridges was at perhaps the high point of his life. He had been raised in a family that could barely make ends meet, but now he was living with a man on North Lake Shore Drive, one of the glories of the city. This was in mid-May, and the crab apple trees behind the building were showing their whitish pink buds. The boy

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