Flowers In Gods Garden

Flowers In Gods Garden

Bernard O`Mahoney

Language: English

Pages: 287

ISBN: B00833EW5A

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Beaten as a child by his alcohol fuelled father, former Essex Boys gang member Bernard O'Mahoney grew up harbouring an intense hatred of those that harm the young and vulnerable. For more than two decades he used a whole host of pseudonyms to befriend those that had abducted and murdered children. Employing chameleon like cunning he was able to obtain damning evidence from them about their abhorrent crimes. O'Mahoney then passed that information to the authorities to ensure that the guilty were locked away for life and the innocent could exist in a safe and free environment. The disturbing details of the evidence O'Mahoney amassed over more than twenty years will horrify the mind of any decent thinking person that dares to read this unique book. Because contained within these pages are the actual words spoken when killers have described 'to a friend' how they abducted and murdered innocent children and how they lied and schemed in their efforts to evade justice. Their off the cuff cold, calculating descriptions of murder and conspiracies will give you a chilling insight into a group of people we are all warned as children to avoid, but in reality we are unable to do so because we don t know anything about the danger their almost childlike thinking and terrifyingly cruel and deceptive personalities pose. Flowers in Gods Garden is a book that will fill you with feelings of utter despair, deep sadness and absolute rage. It is a book that everyone should read...but ensure that you do so with the lights on.

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than a decade after his mission had ended I wondered what he now thought about women who sold their bodies often at the behest of a bullying male partner. "It's not a case of me liking or hating prostitutes because neither of those criteria applies, it's what they do I don't like, but as individuals I'm sure they have their various reasons, but they do it through ignorance of their own value! It is contempt towards their own creator and the whole purpose of life!! But I suppose if these women

brimming with danger. For those accused or convicted of sex offences it was worse, prison for them is hell on earth. Forget stories about beasts, nonces, sex cases, call them what you will, being beaten from dawn until dusk by 'ordinary decent' criminals. It simply does not happen. Occasionally, the tight security, which protects sex offenders, is breached and a determined prisoner will lash out, slash or stab his target in an attack which will only last seconds. In order to protect 'vulnerable'

Keith's neck and pulled until his neck was broken. Brady had then undone my sons clothing and sexually assaulted him. I had known in my own mind what had happened to Keith because Brady and Hindley had murdered most of their other victims in a similar way. They did employ some different methods though, so there was always that nagging doubt in my mind. Edward Evans had been attacked with an axe by Brady in a house in Hattersley. Edward wouldn't die, so in the end Brady put a cord around his

after attempting to take his life for a second time Shaun was sentenced to three months imprisonment for four offences of dishonesty. Shaun Armstrong had been deeply disturbed by the fact he shared the same father as his mother and both he and his father shared his mother's bed. His attempts to kill himself were in reality, a cry for help but nobody was prepared to listen. Armstrong was a time-bomb walking around the north east of England but until such time as his rage, pain, anger and sadness

like a dog is actually unfair; she was treated worse than a dog. Manning kicked her frail body whilst wearing football boots and he beat her with a bicycle chain. Kouao would beat her every day with a fist, hammer, shoe, coat hanger or wooden spoon. The hammer was actually used to smash Victoria's toes on more than one occasion. As well as these beatings Victoria was burned with cigarettes and she had a boiling kettle of water poured over her head. The forensic examination of the flat after

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