First Party Activity Book

First Party Activity Book

DK Publishing, Angela Wilks

Language: English

Pages: 50

ISBN: 2:00149542

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

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2008 Edition. 2001 First Released

This exciting series of activity books keeps little fingers busy for hours on end! Each title is packed with fun, inspirational ideas that kids will love. In First Party Activity Book, children will find lots to celebrate with adorable party-themed projects. With easy-to follow instructions, clear, step-by-step photographs, and close-up shots of the finished projects, this book has all the information and inspiration a young host or hostess needs to throw a party extraordinaire!

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picture or instruction, it means that you should ask an adult for help. CHUNKY DIP Cress hair Tortilla chip Two-thirds of a slice of cucmber Cucumber stick Carrot stick Slice of red pepper Strip of green pepper Slice of apple Chips and pretzels Sliced radishes Cress Sliced celery Strips of red pepper Slice of red apple Chives AVOCADO CAT Cherry tomatoes Chips for ears Small tomato PEANUT PIG Tortilla chips for ears Sliced apple Sliced pepper cut into strips Carrots cut into

the tree and sprinkle green glitter on it. Glue sequins onto the glitter. Cut strips of colored paper.* Cut some strips into triangles. Copy the picture on page 9 and glue shapes to the egg cardboard. 2. Draw a figure of a person on the top fold of paper. Its feet and legs must go over the sides of the paper. Cut around the person. 3. Open the paper. You will have a row of people. Make a folded card. Glue the figure at the end inside the card on the left side. 2. Carefully cut scales, claws,

shakes 14 party “cocktails” 16 picture straws 18 buttery cookies 32 sweet treats 34 party hats 36 making dips 20 fancy hats 38 funny-face dips 22 on parade 40 special chocolate cake 42 mystery masks 24 the birthday cake 44 festive faces 26 making sandwiches 28 sandwich bonanza 30 chocolate medals 46 medals for winners 48 3 a picture guide to parties First Party Activity Book shows you how to get ready for a party. There are delicious things to cook and creative ideas for things to make.

regal robes or a wizard’s cloak. CLOWN’S HAT Circle of pink paper Circle of blue paper glued on to circle of pink paper Shredded tissue paper INDIAN HEADDRESS Feather made from colored paper Thin ribbons Triangle of colored paper 40 PRINCESS’S CROWN Jewel made of candy wrapped in foil candy wrapper Candy jewel Ribbon KING’S CROWN Rings made from gold cardboard Purple tissue paper Candy jewel Fur made from cotton balls Small pieces of black paper WIZARD’S HAT Moons and stars cut out

white chocolate buttons and darkbrown candycovered chocolates Licorice candies Muzzle made of chopped nuts 45 chocolate medals What better prizes for winners of your party games than gleaming medals on shiny ribbons, each one concealing a disk of delicious chocolate? Below you can see how to make the medals. You can make them out of dark, milk, or white chocolate, or all three. If you use more than one kind of chocolate, melt each color in a separate bowl, so that the colors do not mix. Turn

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