Finding Style: How to Use Today’s Versatile Jewelry-Making Components

Finding Style: How to Use Today’s Versatile Jewelry-Making Components

Language: English

Pages: 96

ISBN: 1627000585

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

In Finding Style, author Irina Miech showcases new materials and components that are fresh on the market and by presenting them in suites of related projects and showing their use in a variety of ways, will help jewelry makers discover their own unique style. With new highlighted techniques and callouts that describe the design process, along with a visual materials list of the new components, Finding Style will assist beaders to complete projects with ease and create fresh and innovative projects!

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wrapped loops. 1 Make a stack (Basics, p. 84, and Close-up). 3 String the tassel through a cone and the stacked component. String a 10mm crystal and make a wrapped loop. 87 BKS-67031-05.indd 87 5/1/14 12:41 PM Stacked Spinner Ring This kinetic ring reminds me of an ever-changing seascape. Turn the bead and see the range—from the clear color of calm water to a very dark and stormy blue. 1 Make a stack (Basics, p. 84, and note). Make a ring base (Close-up). 2 Connect the ring base and

bezel setting (Basics, p. 19). glass lets the chatoyant beauty of the cabochon shine. The silver spiral adds movement and visual interest, and draws the eye down the expanse of glass. Just for fun, I riveted a spacer to the spiral. CLOSE-UP spiral component Use roundnose pliers to make an approximately 3mm round loop at the end of a wire. Use chainnose pliers to grasp the loop. Create a loose spiral by spiraling the wire by hand. Use large bail-making pliers to create a soft zigzag not quite

Supplies Roundnose pliers Chainnose pliers Roundnose pliers Chainnose

clasp 2 large pinch ends to fit braided leather Sliding bail Tools & Supplies Pinch bail Scissors Hook clasp Chainnose pliers 12 in. 5mm braided leather Flatnose pliers Cable chain cut into a 2- and a 4-in. piece G-S Hypo Cement Glue Tools & Supplies Chainnose pliers and flatnose pliers or 2 pairs of chainnose pliers Roundnose pliers Side cutters Nylon-jaw pliers 45 BKS-67031-02.indd 45 5/1/14 11:28 AM BKS-67031-03.indd 46 5/1/14 11:28 AM Rivets and Buttons Collection

and shaping metal, you can create a unique and personal expression. Using the right components, such as a handmade clasp or bail, helps you create a complementary flow to a design and make it your own. This book has something for everyone, from the beginner hoping to learn the basics of beading to the more experienced designer interested in learning to think as a three-dimensional artist and to innovate both with purchased findings as well as with those of her own creation. Finding your own style

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