Every Last Piece: 12 Beautiful Design Inspirations Using Scraps, Strings and Applique

Every Last Piece: 12 Beautiful Design Inspirations Using Scraps, Strings and Applique

Lynn Harris

Language: English

Pages: 144

ISBN: 1440240973

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Make the most of your stash with these twelve striking quilt designs!

Learn to use fabric pieces of every size, from scraps to yardage, in "Every Last Piece." Author Lynn Harris demonstrates numerous ways to maximize how you use fabric in quilts, including string-pieced blocks, mini star blocks, applique, sawtooth borders and more! Traditional designs are refreshed by giving them a scrappy look while other quilts offer minimalist charm when small scraps are used on broad backgrounds. The quilt gallery, as well as the projects themselves, will inspire you to design in ways you never imagined.

Whether you're working on a gift, joining a quilt-a-long or heading to a fabric swap, you'll love using "Every Last Piece"!

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inches (centimeters) longer and to trim to the size of your pieced quilt center. 1,736 squares measuring 1" (2.5cm) 1,736 rectangles measuring 1" × 11⁄2" (2.5cm × 3.8cm) 362 squares measuring 21⁄2" (6.4cm) 71 squares measuring 61⁄2" (16.5cm) 26 rectangles measuring 41⁄2" × 61⁄2" (11.4cm × 16.5cm) MAKING STARS 1 When making the stars, I find it helpful to work in batches of 5 Star blocks at a time. To make the star points for each block, you need eight 1" × 11⁄2" (2.5cm × 3.8cm)

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plan for the background that would use large pieces of the Paris map fabric. Instead of making four Star blocks, I made this quilt in five rows. THE COLOR PURPLE ■ 64" × 88" (162.6cm × 223.5cm), pieced by Lynn Harris and Glenell Peterson, quilted by Lynn Harris, 2010. My sister and I made this quilt for our niece when she graduated from high school. We live 1,500 miles apart, but we were still able to make blocks that went well together by using the same background solid and purple fabrics

(Figure 2). Smaller pieces of fabric can be used as you get to the outer edges. Figure 2: For squares on the diagonal, add your longest fabric strip from point to point on your ruler or template. The same string-piecing technique used for the squares can be used to build any size or shape piece of fabric. You can build the fabric to fit any of your rotary cutting rulers or a paper or cardboard template for a particular quilt, such as BEACH BALLS on page 60. It’s easiest to start with the

BALLS In making this quilt, I wanted to try a much more controlled use of color. The background is string pieced with soft sand-colored prints in yellow, cream, pink and tan. It features brightly colored beach balls made with monochromatic string-pieced wedge pieces. This quilt includes a mix of string-pieced portions and whole fabric portions. One of the beach balls consists of four wedges that are each one piece of fabric. The combination of larger scale monochromatic prints and the

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