Eric Morecambe: Life's Not Hollywood, It's Cricklewood

Eric Morecambe: Life's Not Hollywood, It's Cricklewood

Language: English

Pages: 256

ISBN: 0563487224

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Morecambe and Wise are perhaps the best loved and most fondly remembered of all British comedy acts. Despite his untimely death 18 years ago, Eric Morecambe's popularity continues to grow. In this book, Eric's son, Gary Morecambe, takes us on a personal journey through the life of one of Britain's greatest comedians, as witnessed from within. To add to the uniquely private and personal theme of this book, each chapter is introduced by a diary extract from Eric Morecambe, while the book itself is studded with many hitherto unseen photographs from the Morecambe family archives.

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Gordon Richard Stone Tammy Jones Mike Yarwood Pamela Salem Roger Wash Robin King Dennis Kirkland Vicki Michelle Madeline Smith Tania Glyde Valerie Van Ost Nicki Edwards Jan Clennell Eric Morecambe’s Notebooks II Acknowledgements About the Authors Picture Credits Plates Copyright FOREWORD BY MIRANDA HART If someone were to ask me what the most memorable day of my life was, I would, with relative ease, answer: 7 May 2011. This was the day that I was asked to visit

heart couldn’t cope any more, but I was still shocked. I now give talks to groups about Dad. I love doing them and it doesn’t cause me too much stress; it fits in beautifully with my life and the profits go to charity. I speak for about an hour and show a few family photos. As far back as 1971, Dad was saying: ‘We [Morecambe & Wise] might get another year.’ He never took success for granted. I was immensely proud of him: a unique man and a dear father. Eric with daughter Gail on a beach

comedian can’t do that as they have to feed off the audience. The audience is their straight man. SIR BRUCE FORSYTH I knew Morecambe & Wise from back when we were all struggling comics and were often on the same bill together. I used to stand and watch them perform from in the wings. I knew even then that they had something special about them. When we all first started performing in Every Night at the London Palladium together, I was top of the bill. One of their TV series was shown

But here that was momentarily relieved. They were completely natural, slightly cheekier, and slightly rougher round the edges, doing what they did best. And what, I suppose, they were born to do. I loved it. Still do. So Eric & Ernie Live, the video, was my refuge in my early twenties. I spent many a night, when my friends were all out clubbing, learning the dance routine they did to the song ‘Pretty Baby’. I would learn a couple of the moves, pause the video, rewind to make sure I had it, and

more revealing. I used a trick of reading out their stars but didn’t tell them which was theirs. For example: ‘you are mean with money’; Ernie said, ‘That is me.’ At the same time as Eric said that is him. I was then also lucky enough to interview Eric alone after his first novel was published. I appeared in Eric’s first novel under the character name of Mavis Knickers. Eric sent me a chapter first to ask if this would be okay and said that he would remove the name from the book if I wasn’t

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