Elite Weapons for LEGO Fanatics: Build Working Handcuffs, Body Armor, Batons, Sunglasses, and the World's Hardest Hitting Brick Guns

Elite Weapons for LEGO Fanatics: Build Working Handcuffs, Body Armor, Batons, Sunglasses, and the World's Hardest Hitting Brick Guns

Language: English

Pages: 352

ISBN: 1632205068

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The last LEGO brick weapon construction book and design guide you’ll ever need, Elite Weapons for LEGO Fanatics features building instructions for thirteen fully functional LEGO masterpieces, including the monstrous, 27-inch-long Dinosaur Superior, a fully automatic combat rifle that can puncture aluminum cans, and a highly detailed HK G3 brick replica. Also featuring a helmet, a baton, handcuffs, sunglasses, and a grappling hook gun, which allows you to retrieve distant objects without ever leaving your seat, Elite Weapons for LEGO Fanatics includes a chapter on how to find the LEGO pieces you need and a comic book story featuring a hero using the weapons in action. LEGO fans of all ages and skill levels will find a treasure trove of models, including:
Hammerhead Jr., a single-shot crossbow and it’s big brother, the heavy-duty Hammerhead Sr.
Panzer Pod combat helmet
KlopSTOCK baton
Melody, a rubber-firing machine pistol
Nice-1, a pocket-sized pistol that packs a punch
Chinahook harpoon gun
Sunglasses, in two different models
• A functioning Heckler & Koch G3 replica in LEGO bricks

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MACHINE PISTOL BONUS: HK-G3: WORKING HECKLER & KOCH G3 REPLICA CONTENTS Preface Part 1 Spector Bill of Materials Building Instructions Spector JR Bill of Materials Building Instructions Part 2 Nice-1 How It Works Bill of Materials Building Instructions How It’s Loaded Part 3 Hitman Bill of Materials Building Instructions Part 4 Klopstock Bill of Materials Building Instructions Part 5 Panzer Pod Bill of Materials Building Instructions Part 6 Lovelock How It Works

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