Einstein: His Life And Times

Einstein: His Life And Times

Philipp Frank

Language: English

Pages: 354

ISBN: 030681109X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Much has been written about Albert Einstein, technical and biographical, but very little remains as valuable as this unique hybrid of a book written by Einstein’s colleague and contemporary. Both rich in personal insights and grounded in a deep knowledge of twentieth-century science, Phillip Frank's biography anchors the reader with a lucid overview of physics and draws an intimate portrait of the Nobel Prize–winner.

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Broglie’s idea a new mechanics of the atom according to which the motion of atomic particles could be calculated for any field of force. In Bohr’s theory of the atom Newtonian laws and arbitrary assumptions (preferred orbits) are mixed to give satisfactory results. Schrödinger, however, obtained the same results by means of a coherent theory. Originally de Broglie and Schrödinger had assumed that the connection between the particles and the “steering” waves by which the motion of these particles

a series of phenomena may be “practically useful,” but does not permit a “physical understanding.” Explanations in terms of mechanical processes soon began to play the role that explanations in terms of organismic physics had played during the Middle Ages. A mechanistic philosophy took the place of organismic philosophy. Yet it is obvious that, originally, mechanistic physics owed its success only to its practical utility and not to any kind of philosophical plausibility. The law of inertia when

economical summaries of observed facts was not satisfactory to many scientists. Particularly for physicists who thought along mathematical lines and had a greater formal imagination, the assertion, for example, that Newton’s law of gravitation is only a simple summary of observation on the positions of the planets did not seem adequate. Between the actual observation of the position of the planets by a telescope and the statement that the gravitational force between two bodies is inversely

seriously. The daily life of a scholar is often a matter of discussing and becoming excited about the frequency with which his papers are published, which colleagues have or have not published anything, which colleague has frequently or infrequently cited which other colleague, or who intentionally or unintentionally has failed to cite somebody else. There are discussions of the merits of individual professors, the honors that they have or have not received from their own or other universities,

consists of two groups of laws: First: The field laws which state how the masses present produce the curvature in space. Second: The laws of motion both for material particles and for light rays which state how the geodesic lines can be found for a space whose curvature is known. This new theory of Einstein was a fulfillment of the program of Ernst Mach. From the material bodies present in space it enables one to calculate the curvature of space, and from this the motion of bodies. According

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