Easy Tatting (Dover Knitting, Crochet, Tatting, Lace)

Easy Tatting (Dover Knitting, Crochet, Tatting, Lace)

Language: English

Pages: 32

ISBN: 0486299864

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This clearly written, lavishly illustrated guide to the age-old art of lace-making allows even novices to fill a treasure chest with lovely tatted designs.
Veteran tatting instructor Rozella Linden has included clear, step-by-step instructions that will help you create simple rings and picots for such projects as earrings, a small sunflower, and an ice crystal as well as chains for flower pins, a small rosette, a lacy square, and a snowflake ornament — among other designs. Advanced tatters will find directions for completing elegant projects that include a tatted necklace (which can also be used as edging), an oval doily, a fancy snowflake, and a delicate table mat.
Over 65 drawings and photos enhance this collection of easy-to-do but very attractive patterns that will not only inspire and delight anyone interested in this intriguingly beautiful craft but also enable even beginning tatters to create treasured possessions of exquisite handmade lace.


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6 + 6 + 6 + 6 + 3) Close ring, work in ends. Outside row Small ring (3 = 3) This is joined to the center ring. Turn and leave about �" space. Large ring (4 − 1 −− 1 −−− 1 −− 1 − 4) Close ring. The five picots are for decoration. Make them small, medium, large, medium, small. Turn and leave about �" space Repeat from small ring around so there are six small and six large rings. Tie at the base of one of the large rings and work in the ends. Center in a 5" brass ring using T-pins and Stretch

+ 2 −−−− 2 + 2 −−−− 1) Close ring, work in ends. There are six very small picots to which the next row is joined, alternating with six very large picots for decoration. First row Small ring (3 = 3) Join to center ring. Close ring. Turn and leave �" space. Large ring (2 −−−− 2 −−−− 2 −−−− 2 + 2 −−−− 2 −−−− 2 −−−− 2) There are six large picots for decoration and a small picot in the center. The second row is joined to this row by the center picots of these rings. Turn and leave �" space.

Ring (3 = 3) Join to the same very large picot. Turn Chain 10 Turn Repeat around. Tie ends at beginning and work in. Tatted Flower Pin Center Ring (2−− 4−− 4−− 4−− 4−− 4−− 2) Beads and chains Using a small crochet hook, slide a bead onto one of the picots of the center ring. Put the crochet hook through the hole in the bead and pick up the thread of the picot, pulling it through the hole. With the picot still on the hook, pick up the shuttle thread and pull it through the picot until it

the row of chains ends where it begins. Work in the ends. A small pin or pierced earring may be inserted into the hole of the center ring and used to fasten it to a shirt or jacket. Or, the pin may be glued to a jewelry pin or sewed onto a garment. Variations: Make five picots in the center ring. Add more picots to the row of chains for larger petals, or join the petals together with a picot, adding three more double stitches to the beginning and end of each chain. Snowflake Ornament Large

the next ring. After completing the ring, tie the threads together close to the bottom of either ring. Cut off excess thread, leaving about six inches of thread ends. These will be worked into the piece when it is finished. 1. Large ring (6 + 6 + 6 + 6) 2. Clover Ring (3 − 3 − 3 + 3) Ring (3 = 5 − 2 − 5 +3) Join to third picot of first ring of clover. Ring (3 = 3 + 3 + 3) Join to fourth picot of second ring of clover. Turn, leave �" space 3. Large ring (6 = 6 + 6) Join to second picot of

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