Don't Cry, Tai Lake: An Inspector Chen Novel (Inspector Chen Cao)

Don't Cry, Tai Lake: An Inspector Chen Novel (Inspector Chen Cao)

Language: English

Pages: 272

ISBN: 1250021588

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

"Dark, gorgeous…feels authentically Chinese and it works like a charm." --Washington Post Book World on A Case of Two Cities

In Don't Cry, Tai Lake by Qiu Xiaolong, Chief Inspector Chen Cao of the Shanghai Police Department is offered a bit of luxury by friends and supporters within the Party – a week's vacation at a luxurious resort near Lake Tai, a week where he can relax, and recover, undisturbed by outside demands or disruptions. Unfortunately, the once beautiful Lake Tai, renowned for its clear waters, is now covered by fetid algae, its waters polluted by toxic runoff from local manufacturing plants. Then the director of one of the manufacturing plants responsible for the pollution is murdered and the leader of the local ecological group is the primary suspect of the local police. Now Inspector Chen must tread carefully if he is to uncover the truth behind the brutal murder and find a measure of justice for both the victim and the accused.

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into the living room and sat where he could see the lake view outside the tall window. Then he thought of the unfinished poem he had started the day before—about one’s identity in others’ interpretations. The image of Shanshan walking along the lake shore with him started to intrude. What kind of man could he have been in her interpretation or imagination? The phone on the table rang. He picked it up, heard the operator saying something indistinctly, and then Uncle Wang’s voice rushing over it

center, which still seemed mysterious, almost forbidden, to a local like Huang. He had been surprised by Chen’s request for help for Shanshan. Was it all because of something mentioned by Comrade Secretary Zhao? It was said that the romantic chief inspector had a way with women, and he had only been in Wuxi for two or three days. There was no telling what Chen was really up to, what with his connections in Beijing. He could have been dispatched here for something highly secretive. In that case,

remember the exact date, but it was about a week ago,” Zhang said, then added, “More than a week ago, I believe.” That was before Liu’s murder, Chen calculated, raising his cup only to put it down again. “That was not too surprising,” Zhang went on, shaking his head. “She’s still in her early twenties, and Liu was in his mid-fifties. How could he have possibly satisfied her? It would have surprised me if she hadn’t been carrying on with a young stud in secret.” “It served Liu right, with his

the center, he had paid little attention to environmental issues. He was simply too busy being Chief Inspector Chen, a rising Party cadre in the system. Pushing a strand of sweat-matted hair from her forehead, he wished he had met her earlier and learned more about her work. He then put an intimate touch into the poem, imagining a conversation she’d had with him about the lake. Last night, a white water bird flew into my dream again, like a letter, telling me that pollution was under

suspicious peddler he’d seen a couple of times in the last few days. But then again, he might simply be jumpy. “She made a phone call to him just a couple of days ago,” Huang went on, having not gotten any response from Chen. “What did they say to each other when she called?” “He didn’t pick up.” “Thanks, Huang,” he said. “If there’s anything new, let me know.” Still, the timing of the call couldn’t have been worse. How would Huang have reacted had he learned about Shanshan staying overnight

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