Don't Care High

Don't Care High

Gordon Korman

Language: English

Pages: 127

ISBN: 1443113980

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

I received the text of this in a .txt file. Since it is unavailable as a retail ePub, I went through it line by line, cleaning it up and comparing it to my original paperback copy. I think it's about as good as it can be. Hope you enjoy it.

Amazon Synopsis:

Paul Abrams has just moved from Saskatoon to New York City. At first he thinks that "Don't Care High" is just a funny nickname for his new school, Don Carey High. But he soon discovers that it's a pretty accurate description. The school is run down, the student body is apathetic to the point of being comatose, and he has to barter for his own locker from Feldstein, the locker baron.

Then Paul meets Sheldon, who has a grand plan. He gets Mike Otis the most mysterious, oblivious and least interested student in the school elected student council president, and then uses Mike's name to get things changed. Soon the Don't Care students find themselves caring in spite of themselves, and the administration is baffled and worried because...who IS the mysterious Mike Otis, anyway?

Featuring some of its zaniest characters to date, Don't Care High, remains a treasured favourite among longtime Korman fans, and continues to speak to anyone who is trying to get through high school!

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whole garage? We could be here till midnight!" "Yeah, 1 guess you're right," Sheldon admitted grudgingly. "But I know a place not far from here where they serve a slice of pizza that's not to be believed." Paul made a face. "The last time you 'knew a place,' I was up all night with my insides on fire. And it's almost suppertime. My mother's pretty free with her lectures, you know, and the one about spoiling your supper is a classic I've heard all too often." "We can't pass this up," Sheldon

out of it. "All the more reason why he should really catch on. Everyone in the school is completely out of it, too. Now look, he's in your photography class? Make him your next project." Paul shook his head. "I'm really not sure about all this, Shel." Sheldon grinned. "Of course you're sure. You're coeditor, aren't you? And staff photographer to boot. That's a lot of responsibility. Now let's start writing copy." 7. When the rain stopped, Mike Otis wasn't the only big story at Don't

traffic, cramped at best, was now even more difficult as people had to thread their way among walls of overstaffed bags. True to Flash Flood's prediction, the weather stayed unseasonably warm, and a smell hung in the air which Sheldon took to calling "the funk of forty thousand years." Don't Care High was relatively calm, which Paul interpreted as good. But Sheldon was becoming restless. "I'm telling you, Ambition, no good can come of this," he declared one morning before homeroom. "There's

which simmered on the hot plate, Feldstein indicated the fruit basket. "Mangoes, man. I need mangoes. Four of them. Ripe." "Right." Paul ran off in search of Sheldon. He found his friend in the cafeteria line. “Shel! Shel, quick! What's a mango?" Sheldon nodded understandingly. "Feldstein called in the favour, huh? I guess we should have expected it. Well, a mango is some kind of tropical fruit. That's all I know. There are a few fruit stores around here, but they're only good for apples,

Some students formed a snake-dance; others a conga line. Wayne-o ran around in circles, punching his fist into the air and yelling, "Yeah, Rosalie Gladstone actually took her gum out of her mouth and sat down on the ground so she could savour the moment. A group of boys led by Phil Gonzalez broke into a chant of "Mike! Mike! Mike!" Phil himself was yelling so loud that his face was scarlet and his eyes were tightly shut. Students were meeting in joyful embrace, congratulating each other, and then

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