DIY Mason Jars: Thirty-Five Creative Crafts and Projects for the Classic Container

DIY Mason Jars: Thirty-Five Creative Crafts and Projects for the Classic Container

Melissa Averinos

Language: English

Pages: 176

ISBN: 1440544123

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Stop jamming up your cupboards with empty Mason jars!

With DIY Mason Jars, you'll find everything you need to make one-of-a-kind creations with everyone's favorite jar. Featuring step-by-step instructions and four-color photographs, this book will kickstart your creativity with thirty-five imaginative projects that will add a pop of fun to any room. It also includes darling label designs that turn ordinary containers into whimsical centerpieces and gifts you won't be able to find anywhere else.

From the kitchen windowsill to your back porch, you'll be inspired to pep up your home with original crafts, like:

  • Pendant lighting
  • Reed diffuser
  • Sprouting jars
  • Homespun soap dispenser

So whether you're looking for an adorable way to brighten up a room or the perfect little solution for your odds and ends, these Mason jar crafts will leave a lasting impression in any space!

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inches and one 41⁄2 inches in diameter) E6000 adhesive (available at craft and hardware stores) 1. Disassemble the jars and set the lids and screw bands aside for another project. Thoroughly wash and dry the jars if they are not brand new, right from the package. Pair your jars and dishes together as they will be glued for each tier. 2. When working with nonporous surfaces such as glass, it’s best to put the adhesive on both surfaces, let them sit for a minute, and then join them. First apply

deviled eggs • Christmas: vintage glass ornaments and a plate of cookies for Santa • Valentine’s Day: pink-and-red M&M’s with cupcakes Use your imagination and have fun with it! CHALKBOARD PANTRY JARS When chalkboard paint became readily available, I was obsessed. Since then, I have calmed down a bit, but I’m still crazy about chalkboards. This project is a fun introduction to the joys of making things write-on-able. It’s also a great way to showcase your Mason jars. You Will Need: Black

(Ideally, you would work up to a drill bit of the exact width of the pump tube. I didn’t have the right size, and you may not either. No big deal.) 4. Grab your pliers and keep them closed. Put them through the hole in the lid and apply a little bit of pressure as you twist to widen the hole a tiny bit. Keep checking the fit of the pump tube every few turns. You want it to be snug so take your time and widen the hole in small increments. Don’t fret; it’s not an exact science. If you end up with

up) over the light fixture catch so it doesn’t slide down the cord. Slide the foam core ring onto the base of the light, where it will catch on the lip of the base. Slide the screw band up and fit the foam circle into it. The screw band and foam core ring should now be firmly in place at the base of the light fixture. 8. Screw on the collar, insert the light bulb, and screw on the jar. Attach the hooks and hang the cord from them. Mason Musings Cluster multiple pendant lights together to

using a tall and narrow 12-ounce jelly jar, you’ll have to use a different shape and size bulb than you could use on a larger, wide-mouth jar. Also, it’s probably best to limit the sizes you use to anything under a half gallon. Otherwise, there may be too much weight pulling on the cord. As always, experimentation is the name of the game. MASON JAR OIL LAMP The Internet says you can stop by a craft store and find a glass insert and fiberglass wick for making your own oil lamp. But it’s just as

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