Dinosaur Train Little Golden Book Favorites (Dinosaur Train)

Dinosaur Train Little Golden Book Favorites (Dinosaur Train)

Andrea Posner-Sanchez

Language: English

Pages: 80

ISBN: 0307931064

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Buddy and his Pteranodon siblings from the hit PBS KIDS show Dinosaur Train are featured in this Little Golden Book hardcover treasury. Boys and girls ages 2-5 will love reading three stories—Triceratops for Lunch; Hooting, Tooting Dinosaurs; and The Spiky Stegosaurus.

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birthday present for Mom,” said Mr. Pteranodon. “Tickets to a music concert at Corythosaurus Canyon!” Mr. Pteranodon explained that the Corythosaurus is a dinosaur that makes its own special musical noises. “I bet they make music with their feet and tails,” suggested Shiny. Everyone went to tell Mom about her birthday gift. “That’s wonderful!” exclaimed Mrs. Pteranodon. The next morning, the whole family got on the Dinosaur Train. Mr. Conductor collected their tickets. “I see you’re

comes out and sounds like …” All of a sudden, they heard hoots coming from a distance. HOOT! Cory hooted back. “Corythosaurus communicate by hooting,” Cory explained. “My mom just hooted to tell me that it’s almost time for the concert.” “Before we go, let’s play hide-and-hoot,” Cory suggested. “I’ll hide and you have to guess where I am.” Buddy, Tiny, and Don closed their eyes. Cory hid behind a tree. HOOT! The kids opened their eyes and ran to the tree. But Cory had already moved to a

Mr. Pteranodon told her. “Welcome to our Corythosaurus concert!” Cory’s mom said to the audience. “We are so glad you all are here!” Then the concert began. All the hooting and tooting sounded great together. And everyone loved Cory’s dad’s deep hoots. “Now it’s time for Cory’s solo!” Cory’s mom announced from the stage. Little Cory looked nervous. But she made terrific high-pitched hoots all by herself. The Pteranodon family cheered. When the concert ended, Buddy got an idea. He

dangerous tail!” he said. Then Buddy and Tiny remembered the reason for their visit. “Morris, Tiny and I were arguing about what you use your spiky tail for,” said Buddy. “Does your spiky tail help you cool down at all?” asked Tiny. “Naw, the plates on my back do that,” Morris answered. Tiny had another question. “Do you ever carry food on your spikes?” “I’ve never carried anything on my spikes. Awesome idea, though,” said Morris. Buddy and Tiny lightly touched Morris’s spikes.

but I don’t like leaves at all.” Shiny’s beak is long and thin. Tank’s beak is short and thick. Tank has hundreds of teeth. Shiny doesn’t have any teeth at all. Buddy has teeth, too, but they look different from Tank’s. “Maybe I’m an herbivore!” Buddy declares. He eats some leaves. They’re hard to chew and don’t taste very good. “Oh, well, I’ll just keep trying new things until I figure out what I like best!” After a fun afternoon, the Pteranodon family say good-bye to their friends.

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