Detective Camp (A to Z Mysteries Super Edition, No. 1)

Detective Camp (A to Z Mysteries Super Edition, No. 1)

Ron Roy

Language: English

Pages: 144

ISBN: 0375835342

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Z was just the beginning! With A to Z Mysteries® Super Editions, chapter book readers keep on collecting clues and solving mysteries with Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose. Now with over 8 million copies in print, this classic kid-favorite series is back with a bright new look!
Welcome to summer camp for detectives! The kids can’t wait to spend a week following clues and learning about the science of crime solving. Soon all the campers are working on a mystery. But while Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose are figuring out their part of the puzzle, they stumble onto something suspicious. Could a real crime be happening at detective camp?
Look for hidden messages inside A to Z Mysteries® Super Editions! 

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there,” she said. “Will you tell the kids how you can tell the difference between a real signature and a forged one?” Detective Robb asked. “Of course,” she said. “There are four things to look for.” Dink noticed that she was still wearing white latex gloves when she raised one finger. “First, study the overall look of the signature,” Mademoiselle Musée went on. “You may not be able to say exactly what it is, but there is something different about this signature.” She held up a second finger.

Remote, remember?” she said. “And Buzzy made up some of these clue cards. So maybe the M stands for Mote, and those are goat hairs on your card!” “Ruth Rose, you’re a genius!” Josh said. He pulled out his clue card and compared the hairs on the back to the goat’s hairs. “They’re the same!” Dink said. “So do you think the map piece is hidden on Mote?” Josh asked. “Luke said the clues would lead us to a place,” Ruth Rose said. “Where’s Mote’s place?” “I know!” Dink said, bolting toward the

“Let’s just go and find out,” Josh said. “And if you go to jail for breaking and entering her trunk, I’ll bring you a lobster claw.” Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose walked toward the lodge. The first thing they saw was a police cruiser parked in front of the porch. “They must be here to arrest Mademoiselle Musée!” Ruth Rose whispered. “Or Dink,” Josh teased. Dink found that his mouth was too dry to say anything back to Josh. The front door of the lodge opened. Two police officers escorted

gasped. She could see through the horse! “You’re … you’re a ghost!” she whispered. Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose aren’t the only kid detectives! What about you? Can you find the hidden message inside this book? There are 26 illustrations in this book, not counting the one on the title page, the map at the beginning, or the picture of the cabins that repeats at the start of many of the chapters. In each of the 26 illustrations, there’s a hidden letter. If you can find all the letters, you

are buddies, but he’s not very friendly with anyone else. So watch out!” Ignoring everyone, Ronald began scratching the ground for bugs and worms. “Next we’re going into the lodge,” Angie continued. “The Darbys are excited to meet you. Remember, this is their home. They love reading mystery and detective stories, so they decided to create this camp. “This is its first year, so it’s sort of an experiment. They hope to have even more kids here next summer.” Buzzy held the back door open and

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