Creative Bloom: Projects and Inspiration with Fabric and Wire

Creative Bloom: Projects and Inspiration with Fabric and Wire

Jennifer Swift

Language: English

Pages: 128

ISBN: 1440303169

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Cultivate Your Inner Artist!

Prepare your own garden of self-expression with the creative fabric and wire projects inside Creative Bloom. The seeds of inspiration will be planted as you learn how to make a butterfly-adorned lamp, a sweet bird sculpture, an inspired canvas bag and a sparkling cloud cuff. Each project features innovative techniques that you can use again in your personal artwork.

Creative Bloom features:

  • 21 pretty projects for your art studio, home and wardrobe
  • Vignettes and advice on gathering the right tools, forcing creative growth, finding inspiration in the seasons and staying motivated
  • Step-by-step techniques that show you how sculpt wire, stitch fabric to wire, make fabric pages and more!

Grab some wire and rummage through your fabric stash. It's time to unearth your creative potential!

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tied fabric strips to the wire spine of the book. I printed out photos of my favorite places onto photo fabric to fill my pages. I also printed out a journal entry I’d written and placed cut-up pieces of it throughout the book. To embellish the photos and journal entries I added collage elements such as fiber, tags and torn pages from vintage books. After adding some stickers and art stamps around the photos, it was finished! 42 Z6943_creative_bloom_Ch3_034-04342 42 7/21/10 4:42:02 PM 43

Butterfly Flight Table Lamp 66 Z6943_creative_bloom_Ch5_062-07566 66 7/26/10 4:09:50 PM Have you ever watched a butterfly in midflight? It bobs slightly up and down, leisurely flitting from one flower to another. It’s amazing to think that not long before, that same butterfly was an earthbound caterpillar inching its way along. So often, I’ve felt like a little caterpillar, ready and wanting to fly but lacking the wings to accomplish it. That’s the miracle of transformation. We can develop

stuffing process for the remaining cloud shapes. Trim the fabric around the wire, leaving a ¼" (6mm) fabric allowance. Wrap 19-gauge wire around the outside of the cuff and the oval shape to secure them together. As you are wrapping around the outside of the cuff, bring the wire from the bottom to the top on either side, forming cloud shapes as you go, and then continue wrapping the outside. Do this twice on both sides of the oval shape. 86 Z6943_creative_bloom_Ch6_076-09186 86 7/21/10

loose hook. Cut the wire, leaving an extra 1" (2.5cm) of wire. Shape the extra wire in the opposite direction of the finished S shape. To create a bird and fabric charm, make a clear resin charm following the instructions in Step 7. Cut a small circle of fabric to fit the back of the cured charm and use craft glue to adhere it onto the back, with the right side against the resin. Remove any loops or connectors from the bird charm with flush cutters, and file off any sharp edges with a metal

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