Crack Down (PI Kate Brannigan)

Crack Down (PI Kate Brannigan)

Val McDermid

Language: English

Pages: 320

ISBN: 0006490085

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

'Crime writing of the very highest order ...Kate Brannigan has turned into the most interesting sleuthess around' The Times There was only one reason Manchester-based private eye Kate Brannigan was prepared to let her boyfriend help out with the investigation into a car sales fraud - nothing bad could happen. But by now Kate should know that with Richard you have to expect the unexpected. With the unexpected being Richard behind bars, Kate seems to be the obvious choice to look after his eight-year-old son - who proves even more troublesome than his father. Kate finds herself dragged into a world of drug traffickers, child pornographers, fraudsters and violent gangland enforcers...bringing her face to face with death in the most terrifying investigation of her career.

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barely indicated hint. “But it’ll have to be another time. I’ve got to dash. Perhaps the three of us could do lunch some time soon?” We all made the appropriate farewell and let’s-get-togethersoon noises, and a few minutes later, Polly was just a memory. Alexis had ordered more coffee somewhere during the goodbyes, and I sat staring at the froth on mine as she lit a cigarette and settled into her seat. “So, Sherlock,” she said. “What’s the problem?” I reckoned I was about to ask her something

know you’re this helpful to customers who only want to avoid giving the club a worse name than it’s already got?” I asked sweetly. “Don’t push it,” the bouncer with the wanderlust said coldly, glowering down at me. Now I could see him in the light, he seemed familiar, but I couldn’t place him, which surprised me. I don’t often forget guys that menacing. He was a couple of inches over six feet, thick dark hair cut in an almost military short back and sides. He wasn’t bad looking if you ignored

for us. Then it was on to the showroom, where Richard signed the rest of the paperwork so we could take the car home. Some time in the following couple of days, a little man from ALF arrived and took it away, presumably to be resold as an ex-demonstration model. Interestingly, Andrew Broderick had been right on the button. Not one of the dealers we’d bought cars from had offered us finance through ALF. The chain had pushed all our purchases through Richmond Credit Finance, while the independents

I’m asking is that you don’t oppose Ruth Hunter’s request for a short remand so you can start to test the value of what I’ve given you.” “And that’s all, is it?” he asked, utter disbelief riddling his voice like a virus in a computer. “Pretty much, yeah. You see, Mr. Turnbull, in spite of your performance this morning, I happen to think you’re an honest copper. I don’t think you want innocent men put away just to make your clean-up rate look better. And I know the strength of what I’ve given

out of him, the pips sounded and the line went dead. I contemplated going back to sleep, but I knew that was just the fantasy of a deranged mind. You don’t become a private eye because you lack curiosity about the doings of your fellow man. Especially when they’re as unpredictable as the man next door. Whatever Richard was up to, I was involved now too. Heaving a sigh, I got out of bed and struggled into my dressing gown. I went through to my living room, unlocked the patio doors and walked

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