Colorful Fabric Collage: Sketch, Fuse, Quilt!

Colorful Fabric Collage: Sketch, Fuse, Quilt!

Sue Bleiweiss

Language: English

Pages: 144

ISBN: 1620336928

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Easy-to-master techniques for creating vibrant art quilts and colorful accessories.

Colorful Fabric Collage walks the reader through the techniques that renowned quilter Sue Bleiweiss uses to create her colorful, vibrant art quilts. Readers will learn easy fusing techniques that serve as the basis for her design, along with ideas for keeping and using a sketchbook, hand-dyeing fabric, and adding further embellishments. Offering techniques and projects, Colorful Fabric Collage leads readers through the steps to successfully design, fuse, and quilt 14 projects based on Sue's signature style.

Sue inspires readers to tap into their own creativity by encouraging them to personalize each project with uniquely meaningful images. They are invited to draw on the project pattern drawings and then encouraged to sketch their own quilt designs from scratch. They'll also be emboldened by the easy-to-master techniques for sketching quilt designs, fusing layers of fabric into a collage, and embellishing and finishing each piece in a clever way.

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edges more durable. Hand stitch the binding to secure it to the back of the quilt. Choose a thread color to match the binding and hand sew it in place using slip stitches. Keep your stitches as close to the edge of the binding as possible. Unconventional Edges Unlike traditional quilts, which must endure rigorous wear and tear on beds and couches, art quilts can be finished without a binding. There are many alternative ways to finish the edges of a wall quilt. You could couch (Stitching

the pattern pieces to cut out and create the clothing to hang on the laundry line (figure 3). figure 3 - Add the clothesline and clothing last. Although I drew socks on the original sketch, I left them off the quilt. When I cut them out of fabric, I didn’t like the way they looked. I also originally had two different styles of dresses. The simpler straight dress didn’t have the right look when I cut it out of fabric, so I just used one dress style. Don’t ever feel that your original sketch

such as buttons, beads, or tiny bows, or embroider some details with contrasting embroidery floss. I added three small buttons each to the three dresses. Mine were 1⁄4" (6 mm) in diameter, but use whatever you have on hand. Finish the Quilt 16. Square up the edges of your quilt to measure 30" × 24" (76 × 61 cm). Add a false backing and binding. I bound my quilt using my four-strip binding technique, but you can bind it using one of the methods described in Chapter 6. Use the same backing

Garden Table Runner 690 percent so that it measures 18" × 42" (45.5 × 106.5 cm). You can use this drawing as a pattern to make this quilt exactly as shown or sketch your own designs on top to reflect your own garden. DESIGN TIP The pattern drawing has nine flowers, but I ended up using only six flowers on my table runner. I used the drawing as a guide for the scale and general placement of the elements. When it came time to fuse the flowers and leaves in place, I didn’t worry about where I had

Use your pressing sheet and press with a hot iron to fuse them in place. 16. Place the quilt top on top of the batting, smoothing out any wrinkles, working from the center of the quilt top to the outer edges, and then press with a hot iron to fuse to the batting. This will keep the quilt top from shifting while you quilt. Add Quilting 17. Keep the quilting pattern simple so that the colorful blocks are the focal point. To quilt in the same manner I did, use a ruler and a chalk marker to

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