Cody (Puppy Place #13)

Cody (Puppy Place #13)

Ellen Miles

Language: English

Pages: 80

ISBN: 0545083508

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Will this dalmation mischief-maker find a home before Halloween?

Charles and Lizzie Peterson have a special talent when it comes to taking care of animals and somehow there always seems to be another dog who needs their help! So it is no surprise that Lizzie offers to lend a hand when an overly energetic Dalmatian is left on their porch. But after Cody destroys Lizzie's Halloween costume she's not certain she can convince the perfect owner to adopt him. Will this pup's curious teeth cost him a home?

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Peterson was a reporter for the Littleton newspaper. Lizzie held up a hand. “Toss me one of those grapes.” Charles tossed. Lizzie caught the grape and ate it. Yum. “Try getting one in my mouth,” she said. She opened wide and Charles lobbed a grape in a high arc. It missed by a mile. Buddy tried to scramble off Lizzie’s lap to chase after the grape. “Oh, no, you don’t,” said Lizzie, holding him tightly. Maria knelt down to find the grape, which had rolled under the table. Lizzie and Maria had

on wasn’t one of the town’s regular fire trucks. No, this was a really cool antique fire truck that belonged to Chief Olson. He kept it inside a giant garage behind his house. Lizzie could not wait to see how jealous everybody would be when they watched her drive by on the gleaming red truck, with its shiny brass fittings. That’s why she just had to come up with an especially good costume this year. The other reason Halloween would be special was because this year Buddy would be part of it.

Dad’s homemade bread that was sitting out to cool. “Down, Cody!” said Lizzie. The spotted pup dropped back to all fours. “See?” Lizzie was beaming — until she realized that Cody had grabbed a hunk of bread and was gobbling it down. The Bean was laughing, but Mom frowned. “We don’t even know if he and Buddy would get along,” she said. “Please, Mom?” Lizzie asked. “Can’t we just give it a try?” Lizzie had just gotten a new puppy-training book out of the library. She was dying to experiment with

touch the puppy. “My, his fur is so soft!” she said. “And his little body feels strong. He must be a healthy boy.” “He is,” said Lizzie. “He’s absolutely perfect — well, except for the barking and the pulling and the shedding.” “He’ll grow out of most of that,” predicted Mrs. Santiago. “He’s just a puppy.” Simba stepped forward to sniff Cody. Cody jumped up and started biting at Simba’s neck, but Simba just shook him off. “Maria’s upstairs in her room,” said Mrs. Santiago. “She has all her

leash. “But it doesn’t hurt him or anything. He’ll get used to it soon.” She handed the leash to Lizzie. “Go ahead, take him outside. You’ll see how it works.” Lizzie gave Roscoe a pat. “Hello, Roscoe,” she said. “I’m Lizzie. Want to go for a walk?” Roscoe stopped pawing at the halter. His ears pricked up and his stumpy tail started to wag. He looked happily at Lizzie. “Good dog! Let’s go!” Lizzie led him toward the back door that opened into the exercise yard. It was amazing! Roscoe didn’t

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