Cobain on Cobain: Interviews and Encounters (Musicians in Their Own Words)

Cobain on Cobain: Interviews and Encounters (Musicians in Their Own Words)

Nick Soulsby

Language: English

Pages: 592

ISBN: 1613730942

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Cobain on Cobain places the reader at the key moments of Kurt Cobain’s roller-coaster career, telling the tale of Nirvana entirely through his words and those of his bandmates. Each interview is another knot in a thread running from just after the recording of their first album, Bleach, to the band’s collapse on the European tour of 1994 and Cobain's subsequent suicide. Interviews have been chosen to provide definitive coverage of the events of those five years from as close as possible, so that the reader can see Cobain reacting to the circumstances of each tour, each new release, each public incident, all the way down to the end. Including many interviews that have never before seen print, Cobain on Cobain will long remain the definitive source for anyone searching for Kurt Cobain's version of his own story.

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to cover the Nirvana concert in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We were told we would be permitted to interview the band just before the concert while they were still at their hotel. Ultimately, however, only Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl joined us—they told us Kurt was sleeping. Still, the result was an enjoyable interview talking about the band and the context of their presence in South America—they even teased me gently. We were then permitted to record the band on stage; we were just a few meters

completely divided. We have influence on each other. It’s totally 50-50. Courtney insists on this: She has a tab when she borrows money from me that she has to pay back. She’s only up to $6,000. We’re millionaires, and she goes to Jet Rag [a Los Angeles vintage-clothing shop] and buys clothes—$5 dresses. Big deal! I’ll gladly buy her some $5 dresses. We don’t require much at all. Our personal expenses over the last year—we made a million dollars, of which $380,000 went to taxes, $300,000 went to

invasion, give me a moment . . . [Boris suggests vagina.] OK, vagina! Because it takes nine months for a man to slip out of a vagina and he spends the rest of his life trying to get back into one. A because we’re assholes and N because we’re from North America. No, let’s say the Northwest. And A because we’re an A-class, number one, simply the BEST. That’s the lot. MK: Krist, thank you for talking to us. HELL, IT’S OTHER PEOPLE Emmanuel Tellier | August 10, 1993 | Les Inrockuptibles (France)

fell on our head. Everyone wanted to meet us, know who we are, what our favorite meal is, the radio started to spew out our music constantly. After eight months of that shit, I couldn’t take it anymore. I didn’t want to talk about the band anymore, about all the “Smells Like Teen Spirit” crap, but I have to accept it. It’s my life; when I’m fifty, they’ll still be talking about me as the drummer of Nirvana. But I don’t want to be the drummer of Nirvana all my life. ET: How do you see your

to become really popular because The Sex Pistols, The Clash and The Ramones had a big push behind. There’s a lot of attention and promotion and it still didn’t work because socially the public wasn’t ready for it.” Then again, a lot of people caught onto punk rock more because it was a hip thing and a fashion trend rather than because they were really into it. Cobain thought for a moment and agreed: “Yeah, that’s probably true too.” As the group becomes more successful, there will likely be

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