Close Pursuit: A Week in the Life of a New York Homicide Cop

Close Pursuit: A Week in the Life of a New York Homicide Cop

Carsten Stroud

Language: English

Pages: 231

ISBN: B000O60U0U

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Another night falls on New York City. A victim screams. A siren wails. Eddie Kennedy is on his beat. He's a gold shield homicide detective, and his next week of investigations is a journey you will never forget.

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wooden stairs leading up from a littered back lot. They went up carefully nevertheless. Life was full of surprises. Although the place showed signs of occupancy—nails in the walls where pictures had hung, and a greasy smear on a wall above a rectangle of dust—it was obviously empty now. The whole apartment had been painted white, and it still appeared strangely antiseptic in the earthy riot of Brooklyn. There was nothing in the cupboards, nothing on the floors in any of the closets. Nothing

on the airwaves. Bergman don’t want Harris to pull no overtime and he says you can’t override the Patrol Supervisor and you got to go through the ACU Supervisor to get an ACU guy in the crowd. And the Duty Captain was standing by the desk when Harris got in so he’s coming out to oversee the investigation. And—” “The Duty Captain? Bozeman?” The black woman closed her eyes halfway and let a kind of cynical tide roll across her mahogany face. Kennedy waited her out. You had to walk carefully with

a surly professional—black, white, or windowpane plaid like Bruno’s suit. Just as long as The Job got done. Stokes and Haggerty helped Kennedy perform a modified grid search of the crime-scene perimeter. Kennedy hadn’t expected much. It was fun, however, to watch Haggerty huffing and chuffing on his knees through the litter in the curbside gutters. It was just possible that Officer Stokes got the slightest boot out of this, too, but you wouldn’t know it from the flat half-lidded look she was

helping of style, he loses his “tin” and gets a “gold.” He gets that chiseled gold badge, and he becomes part of the mythical elite of the NYPD. But he’s technically a patrolman on special duty. He gets paid according to three grades: third, second, and first grade, with first being the highest. The pay is called grade money. A second-grade gold shield ranks with a sergeant, although he has slightly more unofficial status than a detective sergeant. First grade brings more money. Most of the

twenty yards from home. Kennedy had the sun right at his back when he stepped into the kid’s path, so Dennis couldn’t really see who the man was. He kept trying to make the silhouette fit into the rounded, defeated contours of his Uncle Ray. Kennedy stood there on the sidewalk watching two black boys race up a line of tenement stoops into a flat sideways sunset, the image of one superimposed and hovering over the other and then shifting back and forth. Kennedy shook this confusion off, just a

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