Claudine at St Clares: The Fifth Story of St Clares

Claudine at St Clares: The Fifth Story of St Clares

Enid Blyton

Language: English

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ISBN: 0006931928

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said. ‘ But you be careful next time!’ 8 THE TERM GOES ON ALTHOUGH the girls knew quite well that Claudine told fibs when it suited her, borrowed without asking and still copied answers from other people’s books if she wanted to, they couldn’t help liking her. She was very funny, generous in her own way, and never took offence whatever was said to her. She might easily have taken offence at things that Angela said, or Pauline. Angela looked down on her in the same way that she looked down on

need a treat after your so-terrible shock this afternoon. Poor little one-to fall into the water like that, to be nearly drowned, to …’ ‘ Well, I wasn’t nearly drowned really, you know,’ said Claudine, a twinkle coming into her eye. ‘ I knew I shouldn’t be drowned, Aunt Mathilde, because Bobby and Mirabel were both in the water-and oh, wasn’t it grand when I splashed that hateful woman from head to foot? I never guessed I would drench her like that!’ Mam’zelle’s mouth fell open, and she stared

picnic. ‘ I’ll go down to the town today with Hilary, and buy a few things,’ she said. ‘ I’ll leave word at the grocer’s and the baker’s that you will all go in at different times and fetch one or two things. Then no one will suspect anything-we shall just quietly return to school with small parcels I’ ‘ Shall we tell Eileen or not? ‘ said Janet. ‘ No, of course not,’ said Bobby. ‘ I bet she’d split on us and tell her mother-and then we’d all get caught and everything would be spoilt.’ ‘

term.’ ‘ Well-do and say what you like,’ said Susan, thinking that Claudine would, all her life, quite probably do and say exactly what she liked I ‘ And good luck to you!’ So Claudine went to the Head, knocked firmly at the door and went in. She began without any beating about the bush, ‘ Please, Miss Theobald, I have come to say that it was I who locked Matron in last night. I suppose it is not a thing that any English girl would have done, with their so-fine sense of honour, but I am French,

isn’t allowed. Really, I do wish you fourth-formers would realize that you are halfway up the school and not in the first form I I am most annoyed at having to come and fetch you.’ ‘ Sorry, Miss Ellis,’ said every one, and hurried to go out of the cloakroom back to the classroom, where they had prep to do. Certainly they had heard the bell-but who could tear themselves away when a first-class quarrel was going on between the angelic Angela, and the unpopular Eileen? Angela felt delighted when

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