China Winter. Workers, Mandarins, and the Gang of Four

China Winter. Workers, Mandarins, and the Gang of Four

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Liberation must have been very profound, Streets and more so than we assume. Spectacles August 28 This morning had nothing I had to do, and I went out alone. I walked along Suzhou River to the left is the wide expanse of the Huangpu River, the innermost area of the harbor with warships at anchor, and beyond the great river in the distance, the southeastern part of the city. On the far side of Huangpu Park, I crossed the street and walked by the Friendship Store, the Seamen's Club, where

factors that account for the Peking universities being cur- rently in the educational vanguard.) SHANGHAI 67 Paule says that the Chinese bureaucrats deliberately place a barrier between us and the people not only in order to isolate us but also to put us in a bad light, to show us as privileged bourgeois. She fought for one year against being provided with a curtained taxi for her use exclusively; when, authorization to travel by bus, she heard her of the other passengers, "You see,

zouzipai (capitalist waders) "will continue to be on the move. The revolution born of the old China was a revolt that, " unlike those of Europe, had not destroyed the principle of authority and overturned institutions. The revolution did not create new institutions or formulate a system of institutional guarantees. Masked as a "democratic-bourgeois revolution, " provide itself with a constitution, which copied from it plumped out with words existing bourgeois-democratic constitutions

right . . workers should to all, that the . These guarantees are inadequate and can prove be utterly illusory once to made them operative disappears. The Chairman was a living guarantee of liberty and of liberation. This is why today the Chinese people the authority that has feel decapitated. Evening, September 11 I talked for a moment who had come back from German At dinner, with Dagmar, the Institute, the factory for today's ceremony. She's lost some weight, and like, and she

rectifi- 1 CHINA WINTER 10 cation" Deng has proposed. Today, some "new things" exist which were introduced by the Cultural Revolution: worker participation in factory management, study groups, etc. In industry, the political position of the workers is steadily growing stronger. According to the revisionists, worker criticism violates "objective" laws. (That is, does violence to the "objective" laws of a it oriented production system that is profit- presented as being the only one

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