Chained: Create Gorgeous Chain Mail Jewelry One Ring at a Time

Chained: Create Gorgeous Chain Mail Jewelry One Ring at a Time

Rebeca Mojica

Language: English

Pages: 144

ISBN: 1440303088

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Unchain your creativity!

Whether you are new to chain mail or a seasoned weaver, Chained will introduce you to the art of combining metal jump rings into intricate designs, in a new way. No other book shows how to use so many weaves in so many ways, or gives this ancient art such a beautiful and modern twist. Techniques once used for armor now have a new life and can be used to create elegant adornments.

Open Chained and find:

  • Clear, detailed step-by-step photos that will take you from opening and closing jump rings to finishing your first (or fiftieth!) project
  • Easy-to-navigate "Weave in a Nutshell" options for many weaves that will show advanced chain mail weavers the weave of a project in just a few steps
  • 22 beautiful projects plus dozens of variations, including earrings, bracelets, necklaces and pendants, each with its own skill level and time investment rating
  • Endless options: choose your favorite colors, your favorite metals, customize the size of your project, and find inspiration to add your own unique stamp to any piece of chain mail jewelry

Gather your pliers and piles of jump rings and weave your way to beautiful jewelry with Chained.

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it helps. 6 Take a new open large copper ring and weave it through those 2 sets of small seafoam rings. You'll go through 4 rings total. Close the ring. 7 Double the last ring by going through all 4 small rings with a new large ring. 8 On the other side of the weave, pull the remaining 4 hanging seafoam rings toward one another, then go through them with a new copper ring. Before closing the large ring, add the earwire. The ring that connects to the earwire is not doubled. Normally, it

look like at this point. Make sure all aluminum rings are on the same side, and the brown rings are on the reverse side. 12 Attach a new unit following Steps 9–11. Continue in this manner until your piece is the length you desire. 13 When you reach the last unit, add another set of brown and aluminum rings, but do not add a new unit. 14 Go through the aluminum and brown rings at the end of the weave with a new aluminum ring and close. 15 Use the tiny clasp rings to attach your clasp

Opening Jump Rings on pages 26–27). Open all of the Lancelot edging rings. Create a strand of Helm chain (Steps 1–12 of the Helm Chain Necklace on pages 97–98); however, instead of adding pairs of medium rings, only add single rings. Be sure to finish the ends of your strand exactly like the Helm Chain Necklace by adding a set of doubled small rings leading to the clasp (Step 12 of the Helm Chain Necklace). 2 Study the weave so you can understand where you'll add the edging rings. Each edging

anodized aluminum, color blue — 18 gauge, 3/16″ (4.8mm) 112 small jump rings: F18 aluminum and anodized aluminum — 18 gauge 5/32″ (4.0mm) 28 color blue 28 color purple 56 non-colored 56 thin tiny jump rings: D20 anodized aluminum, color purple — 20 gauge, 1/8″ (3.2mm) 28 thick tiny rings: D18 aluminum — 18 gauge, 1/8″ (3.2mm) Lancelot Bracelet Variations Half Lancelot Stop after Step 8 and repeat that motif all the way through. This creates a bracelet that looks more like joined

let them dry for a few hours, then dip again. (Two thin coats seem to last longer than one thick one.) When the coating gets grubby, I simply pull it off and re-dip. Actually, I prefer to have an extra set of already-dipped pliers on hand, in case the coating wears down while I'm in the middle of a project. With an extra coated pair on hand, I don't have to stop; I simply grab the fresh pliers and keep going. I'll then re-coat one or both pliers before I head to bed, so I'm all set to go the next

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