Blood in the Water (Tides of War, Book 1)

Blood in the Water (Tides of War, Book 1)

C. Alexander London

Language: English

Pages: 76


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Based on a real military program! The US Navy's new breed of soldier is ready to make a big splash.

From the author of Dog Tags!

Navy SEALs are some of the most elite warriors in the world. Trained to operate in sea, land, and air, they work under cover of night to carry out the US military's most sensitive and difficult missions.

Cory McNab wanted to be a Navy SEAL, but he washed out of the program. Now he is a member of the Navy's Marine Mammals Program, where he is partnered with a search-and-recovery dolphin named Kaj.

Together, Cory and Kaj are the Navy's best hope when a US spy submarine is lost in enemy waters. With the help of Kaj's bio-sonar, they should be able to locate the submarine before its secrets fall into the wrong hands. But the mission gets complicated when a team of Navy SEALs runs into trouble. Can Cory succeed where his heroes have failed . . . or is he in too deep?

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know,” said Cory. He looked up over the ocean. Moonlight flickered across the light chop of the waves. They made a gentle lapping sound as they slapped against the boat’s rubber hull. Otherwise, nothing. Cory waited. Had there been a collapse in the cave? Was Kaj trapped somewhere out there, in the deep, unable to breathe, slowly suffocating because Cory and the United States Navy had sent him on a mission he couldn’t possibly understand? “He needs to breathe,” Cory said aloud. A dolphin like

didn’t bite down, he’d be fine just waiting until the dolphin chose to let him go. Or to drag him under. Or to bite his hand off. He kept looking at the dolphin. The others were watching, too. They swam around the small boat and glanced up at Cory as they looped around. “Now it’s your move,” Cory said to the dolphin. He knew the dolphin wouldn’t understand, but it felt awkward not to say anything. He waited. And then the scar-faced dolphin opened its mouth and let go. Cory slowly withdrew

dolphin, even though the consequences for Cory were life and death. He scurried up the ladder, hand over hand, not looking down, but he stopped just below the railing at the deck. He peeked up and didn’t see anyone around, so he took a deep breath and swung himself on board. As soon as his feet hit the deck, he crouched and pressed himself flat against the wall of the cabin. He slid along until he reached a low porthole window, and he peered below into the dim cabin. He looked down on the

fifty-eight seconds left. He ignored the school of sharks and the icy terror they sent up his spine as they drew closer and closer, and he focused all his energy on moving the next stone and the one after that, stone after stone, hoping he would move the one that would set Kaj free. Suddenly, Cory felt something bump him from behind. Kaj opened his mouth and slammed it shut again, making a loud cracking noise, trying to scare the sharks away. Cory didn’t look behind him. He stayed focused on

what would be left? The creatures of the sea were here long before mankind and our petty wars, he thought. They will be here long after we’re gone. What right do we have to bring our violence into their ocean, and to leave our dead behind? As the motors started and the boat began its turn south toward safer waters, he saw something in the middle distance, a churning, foaming patch of sea that he took at first to be a shark feeding frenzy in the aftermath of the explosion. When something dies

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