Blitzed Brits (Horrible Histories)

Blitzed Brits (Horrible Histories)

Language: English

Pages: 144

ISBN: 1407167014

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Learn all about the BLITZED BRITS, with all the nasty bits left in. Find out what really happened in Dad's Army, see how to make a rude noise with a gas mask and Learn why the Brits ate chicken-fruit, sinkers and nutty! Includes a grisly quiz to test your knowledge. These bestselling titles are sure to be a huge hit with yet another generation of Terry Deary fans.

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measures and holding some back. Or he ‘accidentally’ dropped a bag. This way he built up a private supply which he could sell for a lot of money or swap for something he needed. Even 50 years later he wasn’t sorry for cheating his fellow-Britons. ‘Everybody did it if they got the chance,’ he said. ‘Life was hard. You had to grab what You could when you could.’ 4 Clothes were rationed in 1941, but by 1942 the rules for making clothes became crazy: • men’s suits could only have three pockets •

here? Drop! Good boy, Mick. Drop!’ She picked up the dark brown bar and wiped it on her apron. ‘Well, well, well! Mr O’Malley always said you were a lucky dog! Here, I’ll give you a nice old bone!’ Mick trotted off with his reward and his mistress set to work with a carving knife. Christmas that year was a good one for John and Lucy, Tony and Arthur, the little O’Malleys. They opened their presents and almost cried with pleasure as they saw their treats. ‘Oh, Ma! That was beautiful!’ Lucy

Forces was usually good for a laugh … The Government encouraged a series of touring entertainments for people in factories and theatres. The organisation was known as ENSA – Entertainments National Service Association. They performed concerts and plays. Some were serious, some funny … and some dreadful. Unkind audiences said ENSA stood for Every Night Something Awful! In fact, giving new nicknames to initials was popular in wartime Britain. The Local Defence Volunteers were called the LDV for

Royal Family The Royal Family was particularly popular during the War. One reason was that they decided to stay in London to share the dangers of the ordinary people. In fact Queen Elizabeth (the wife of George VI and the present Queen’s Mother) was pleased when Buckingham Palace was bombed. She said she was now just the same as the poor victims of the bombing in the East End of London… This wasn’t quite true since she had one or two other comfortable homes to go to when the Palace was bombed.

foreigners in the country must be locked up or made to report to the police. 18 June 1940 Winston Churchill tells the people that the battle in France is lost … I expect that the Battle of Britain is about to begin. The whole fury and might of the enemy must soon be turned on us. 10 July 1940 First of the large air raids. This is the real start of the Battle of Britain in the skies. Lady Reading (head of Women’s Voluntary Service) appeals to families to give up their aluminium pots and pans to

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