Blair Inc.: The Man Behind the Mask

Blair Inc.: The Man Behind the Mask

Francis Beckett, David Hencke

Language: English

Pages: 288

ISBN: 1784183709

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Take a closer look at the world of Tony Blair, whose private financial dealings within a complex web of business relationships he tries to keep hidden from the public eye

Since leaving office in 2007, the secretive empire of Tony Blair has grown exponentially. As a businessman he has been unprecedentedly successful for a former public servant, with a large property portfolio and an estimated £80 million of earnings accrued in just a few short years. But how has he managed to achieve this? Being an ex-Prime Minister comes with certain advantages, and besides his excellent state pension and 24-hour security team, Blair enjoys the best contacts that money can buy—as do those willing to pay him for access to them. Consequently, Tony Blair Associates’ clients can be found around the world, and include the morally distasteful presidents of Kazakhstan and Burma. There is also Blair’s role as special envoy in the Middle East. While his record as a peacemaker is in doubt, the position has brought him into contact with a variety of oil-rich potentates in the region who now number among his most profitable clients. Blair Inc.: The Man behind the Mask takes a close look at the world that Blair attempts to hide from scrutiny—his own. From the complex financial structures he uses to hide his profits—and the amount of tax he pays—to the multiple conflicts of interest produced by his increasing web of relationships, this book attempts to expose the dubious private dealings of this very public figure.

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Michael Cashman’. She supports Human Rights Watch, which is pro-abortion. The charge sheet goes on and on. The dossier ends: ‘Why is she still being invited to speak at Catholic institutions? This must stop.’20 It is easy to laugh – and comparatively safe, since these people no longer have the power to burn you at the stake – but the zealots of Catholic Action UK do represent something, just as the Muslim extremists Blair denounces represent something. They can make it awkward politically for

wrong with a politician making money, but you have to be prepared to sacrifice some money to do the higher thing.’ Blair’s interests have centred on the Tony Blair financial empire, the most impenetrable financial body that is legally possible in the United Kingdom. The structure of his companies makes it impossible to know who is paying him, or where the money goes, and ensures that no one can find out what he is worth. Extremely clever tax accountants and lawyers have devised a scheme that

work but declined to publish the details, despite being pressed by the Advisory Committee on Business Appointments (the watchdog body) to do so;13 International Sanitary Supply Association, for which Blair addressed a conference for a �50,000 fee;14 Wataniya, the Palestinian phone company owned by Qtel, itself a client of JP Morgan. Blair has also made substantial sums of money from speeches in China and now advises the Mongolian government under a two-year consultancy agreement.15 He also got

office. As a master of networking, Blair can draw on Klein’s contacts in Middle Eastern financial institutions. That facility chimes well with Blair’s political connections. While the partnership may stay sub rosa, it also remains powerful. THE IRISH DIMENSION Blair’s links with Qatar came to light in 2010, when he put the Qatari Prime Minister in touch with the Irish businessman Patrick McKillen. McKillen was seeking �70 million to buy the Maybourne hotel group from the Barclay brothers. The

teaching. Like the Varkey GEMS Foundation, it understands the importance of investment in a strong support network for teachers: via its Country Co-ordinators and teachers’ workshops both on and offline, the Tony Blair Faith Foundation provides ongoing support for teachers the world over. GEMS – Global Education Management Systems – is an international chain of fee-charging and profit-making schools, set up as a commercial enterprise, and these schools have made a very great deal of money for Mr

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