Black Widow

Black Widow

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Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned…

Someone is killing and mutilating young men in Amsterdam – the murders are brutal, sexual, and ritualized. For detective Joyce Pino, after a succession of failures, this is the perfect case to get her back on track.

But as it becomes clear the murderer is a middle-aged woman, the case shifts uncomfortably close to home. Some of the victims are associates, and a criminal profiler and external agencies are beginning to point the finger at Joyce herself. Added to this, she has a new rookie partner who’s far too handsome and clever for his own good.

Detective Pino needs to keep a grip on the investigation long enough to find the killer.

Black Widow is a taut and chilling new crime novel, perfect for fans of Henning Mankell and Jo Nesbo.

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call you. He returned his attention to the monitor, his mouth set in that familiar grin as he scanned the pages of an internet chatroom Sophia had put him in touch with. It was top secret; only the chosen few were aware that it existed. Sophia had made him swear, before giving him the web addreess and password, that he would never reveal it to anyone, under any circumstances. He would, of course. It would provide a further dollop of colour, when he finally broke his story. In that regard, he

the coming of the devil he feared. The old Tanja would probably have rolled her eyes at this. But maybe it was true that the devil took many forms. Her phone rang. She jumped, causing everyone else to look up and stare at her. ‘Want me to get it?’ Pieter offered. Tanja ignored him, snatching the phone from the receiver. She listened intently, every part of her tensed, until the pertinent details seeped through. Male, approx. thirty years old… She put the phone down, relieved, disappointed.

think so. Nothing freaks me out like a coincidence.’ He handed Tanja a card with the firm’s contact details. Tanja nodded her thanks. Maybe it was just the heat messing with her mind, but she had an idea that this path might lead somewhere. * The Picasso statue was entitled ‘The Fish’, but to Gus’ eye it looked more like a woman standing on her head with her legs open. Blue Period, indeed! Gus leant against the largely pointless object, thinking that it at least made for an excellent prop.

familiar screech lost to a protracted rumble of thunder. Tanja moved inside, and up the inner steps, her feet as light as a girl’s. And she felt young. There was no shame in feeling like this, none at all. She worried for a moment that Alex might not be home yet, but perhaps that would be better. She could cook some dinner, prepare more fully. Inside. She kicked off her shoes and unfastened the top button of her blouse. The lounge was dark, but further down the hall the kitchen light was on.

separate killers here.’ Van Kempen snorted. ‘You say that, with Tanja’s name all over that cougar dating site?’ ‘It isn’t her name.’ ‘It might as well be!’ van Kempen argued. ‘But I’m sure we’ll find our proof sooner or later. And really, what does it matter? One murder is more than enough.’ Van Kempen went on to tell Pieter what he knew of Tanja’s dinner date at Qin Shi Huang’s. Of the grey automotive paint found on Jasper Endqvist’s body. Of the brief testimony which had just been furnished

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