Bead Romantique: Elegant Beadweaving Designs

Bead Romantique: Elegant Beadweaving Designs

Lisa Kan

Language: English

Pages: 144

ISBN: 1596680466

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Inspired by art history, this step-by-step guidebook features 17 designs influenced by the Gothic, Renaissance, Victorian, Art Nouveau, and Art Deco eras reinterpreted in the artist's distinctive, contemporary style. Emphasizing a mix of vintage findings, beads, lamp work, buttons, and modern components, this jewelry brings a feminine mystique and sophistication to ordinary beadwork. Each project builds on simple elements to create sophisticated designs and incorporate off-loom seed bead weaving, stringing, and wirework. Projects include a scalloped chain necklace, pearl Ndebele earrings and bracelet set, mesh pearl bracelets, bohemian drop earrings, a Victorian diamond cuff, and more. Novice beaders will increase their skills and beading confidence while progressing through projects while advanced beaders will find exciting new challenges. This guide includes expert design and technique tips and tricks, detailed instructions and illustrations for every project, information on finding special classical beads, and ways to make modern components look vintage. Beaders will delight in the variety of methods to create elegant, feminine, and romantic heirloom-quality jewelry.

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beads CW and pick up three 11° beads. Pass through the opposite end of the second bead strung from the first link. 39Pass through two beads CW and pick up an 11° bead and pass through a 11° bead on a rivoli with Embellishment #2. 40Pick up one 11° bead and weave into the opposite end of the second bead strung from the second RAW link (Fig. 10b). Figure 10b 41Reinforce by weaving through each of the RAW links in reverse direction. Once back to the first RAW link, embellish each link with a

through all beads added in Step 53 to reinforce. 56Pass through peyote beads into the ninth high bead. Pick up two 15°, one 11°, and two 15° beads. Weave back into the opposite end of the ninth high bead. Reinforce this connection loop once more and weave into the connection loop to the center finding. Reinforce this connection by weaving through all beads exiting the 11° bead. 57Pass under thread from a previous pass and tie an overhand knot. Weave through two beads, repeat twice, and trim

pass and tie an overhand knot. Repeat twice and trim tail thread. 11Repeat Steps 1 to 10 to make seven additional links. TIP Stick with 14mm rhinestones. Although the shapes are similar between the vintage Swarovski and German 4671 rhinestones, Swarovski crystal rhinestones will have more sparkle than vintage German glass rhinestones. BEZELED RHINESTONES 12Using 1 yd (91.5 cm) of thread, pick up twenty 15° AC A seed beads, and tie into a ring with an overhand knot. Pass through two

by adding or reducing the start by odd-count increments. The bead-cap used in this project perfectly fits a five-increment start. Any stiff cord (which adds structure) up to 4mm can be incorporated. Select cord color based on bead colors. 8The last row of beading tapers the tube to mirror the start side. Continue beading the last row consisting of five sequences by only using one triangle and one 15° bead (Fig. 2). Figure 2 9Pick up two 15° beads, one triangle, and two 15° beads and

and pass through the first bead of the next picot on the previous round. Repeat around (Fig. 13). Figure 13 31Weave down into the center of beadwork into the original twelve beads from Step 27. Weave into a bead between the picots created in Step 28 to make this layer of petals alternate with the first layer. 32Repeat Steps 28 to 29 for a smaller inner flower level. Weave down into the center of beadwork. Pass under the thread from a previous pass and tie an overhand knot. Repeat twice and

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