As the Crow Flies (The DI Nick Dixon Crime Series)

As the Crow Flies (The DI Nick Dixon Crime Series)

Damien Boyd

Language: English

Pages: 157

ISBN: 1477821031

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Rock climbers can’t afford to make careless mistakes. But Detective Inspector Nick Dixon’s former climbing partner, Jake Fayter, died doing just that. Or so it seems. Dixon suspects foul play, but his only leads are unreliable accounts of something odd happening in Cheddar Gorge seconds before Jake fell.

The more Dixon learns about Jake’s life, the more he realises that Jake hadn’t been quite the man he remembered...and a lot of people could have wanted him dead. Once Dixon gets too close to the truth, those people will emerge from the shadows and kill to protect their secrets.

As the body count rises, Dixon bends the rules to breaking point to lure out a killer and unravel a conspiracy of silence that will rock the sleepy town of Burnham-on-Sea to its core.

As the Crow Flies is the electrifying first novel in the DI Nick Dixon Crime Series.

Revised edition: This edition of As the Crow Flies includes editorial revisions.

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minutes and 37 seconds in length and without hesitation he clicked play. It was immediately obvious that the video camera had no zoom lens and the cameraman had clearly done nothing to improve the angle either, filming from the car park at the foot of High Rock. No doubt the High Tech Unit could enhance the film. Jake could be seen on the bulging wall above where the last of the photographs had been taken. The clip began with Jake sitting back on the rope. He placed each of his hands in his chalk

Hunter agreed to call into Bridgwater Police Station after work on Monday to give a statement and Dixon felt that questions about the birds’ eggs could wait until then. They exchanged mobile phone numbers and Dixon left it at that. Hunter seemed an odd choice for a climbing partner. Dixon guessed that he was in his early forties and a generous assessment was that he was not particularly athletic. He had admitted, much as Dixon had to, that he had spent most of his time holding Jake’s ropes. He

something like that. Skype perhaps. Tell them to check the Facetime on his iPhone too.’ ‘Will do, Sir.’ ‘Right, that leaves you and me, Jane. We need to get a formal statement from Jake’s girlfriend, Sarah Heath.’ He turned to the whiteboard and stuck a photograph of Sarah Heath next to Jake’s. He drew an arrow between the two. ‘Who is that, Sir?’ asked Pearce. ‘Sarah Heath. Jake’s girlfriend.’ ‘No, it’s not.’ ‘What?’ Dixon’s voice was an octave higher. ‘Well, she may be Jake’s girlfriend

but it had confirmed what he already knew. Neither Tina Williams nor Sarah Heath had killed Jake. He turned to Jane Winter. ‘Release them, Jane. Ask the desk sergeant to lay on a car to take them home.’ ‘Lewis will go mad!’ ‘This isn’t about the drugs, and you and I both know it. This is about the birds eggs. I’ll stake my job on it.’ ‘I think you just did, Sir.’ Dixon was sitting in his office ten minutes later when the door flew open and Steve Gorman barged in. ‘You let them go. What

there somewhere.’ They walked back to the umbrella to find Scenes of Crime Officers arriving with PC Stevens. ‘The divers will be here in about twenty minutes, Sir,’ said Stevens. ‘And there’s no CCTV on the pumping station, unfortunately.’ ‘Thank you, constable.’ Dixon turned to the Scenes of Crime Officers. ‘There’s blood spatter on the inside of the umbrella that you’ll need to take a close look at. You may get something from the footprints hereabouts although I’m told that the cows have

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