Alexander the Great and His Time (Dorset Press Reprints)

Alexander the Great and His Time (Dorset Press Reprints)

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Histoire générale de l'Empire romain, tome 1 : Le Haut-Empire (27 avant J.-C.- 161 après J.-C.)

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reason? In some cases these dreams of future promise arrive suddenly, irradiating as if by a flash of lightning the monotony of the daily routine. At Siwah Alexander certainly received a message which sustained him throughout long years of war and suffering and enabled him to surmount obstacles which would have deterred most of the bravest men. Not that his followers understood, even those closest to him. For eleven years, Alexander drove his campaign further and further eastward, ever more

once the troops in his vicinity scattered. On the right, when he saw the flight of Darius and consequent débâcle, Nabarsanes also retreated with his cavalry. Pursuit of the fleeing enemy was impossible because of the gathering darkness. Many escaped, some to Cilicia, some to southern Cappadocia, others reached Egypt; about 2,000 Greek mercenaries succeeded in linking up with Darius in the north. In a hollow by the roadside was found the royal chariot, with the mantle, bow and shield of the

Persians. . . . While we advance towards Babylon in pursuit of Darius the Persians would again conquer the sea districts, and transfer the war into Greece with a larger army. The Lacedaemonians are now without disguise waging war against us, and the city of Athens is restrained rather by fear than by goodwill towards us. But if Tyre were captured, the whole of Phoenicia would be in our possession, and the fleet of the 56 asia minor, egypt, gaugamela Phoenicians, the most numerous, and the best

Indians, Uxii and men from the Persian Gulf reinforced this position. In front of Darius were fifty chariots and fifteen elephants; fur70 asia minor, egypt, gaugamela ther along, on both sides, stood a large number of scythed chariots. Part of the plain had been levelled to enable the chariots to be driven forward swiftly, unimpeded by obstacles or rough ground. To resist the Macedonian phalanx Greek mercenaries were stationed on each side, just behind Darius. Behind him also were Babylonians,

height from which he could threaten the fortress; there he lit a beacon as a signal of his arrival. Next day Alexander began to climb by another route, but the ascent was so steep that the defenders threw him 147 alexander the great back, then fell on Ptolemy’s camp. A letter was sent to Ptolemy at night, with instructions that they must attack from two directions early in the morning. After fierce fighting their combined forces marched along the ridge, but just as they imagined that they had

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