Acrylicworks 2: Radical Breakthroughs (AcrylicWorks: The Best of Acrylic Painting)

Acrylicworks 2: Radical Breakthroughs (AcrylicWorks: The Best of Acrylic Painting)

Jamie Markle

Language: English

Pages: 144

ISBN: 1440334706

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

"Acrylics allow me to be fearless." --Rhonda Franks, p88

A showcase of the versatility of the medium and what's being done with it today, AcrylicWorks 2 features stunning paintings from 100+ of today's top artists. Filled with radical techniques, happy accidents and endless possibilities, this 2nd volume of The Best of Acrylic Painting focuses on how artists partner with acrylics for breakthrough discoveries and breakout results.

  • More than 125 paintings from 100+ contemporary artists
  • Artist insights on the whys and hows behind the paintings
  • A thrilling variety of styles and techniques, from intentional approaches to wildly improvisational brushstrokes
  • Diverse subjects, including landscapes, people, still lifes, animals and abstracts

Acrylic paint allows the artist to play with textures, splashes, drippings, various tools and brushes...all the while unhindered by drying time. It offers the ability to work a painting wet or dry, fast or slow, in any number of layers without the need pull oneself out of it. It is that sense of freedom that breeds the kind of experimentation featured in these pages. Artist and art lovers alike will find fresh inspiration in these personal and creative breakthroughs.

"Major breakthroughs come from mastering the mundane while striving for the novel." --Andrew J. Morrison, p25

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into the world of marbling, I decided to incorporate it with my acrylic painting. Using photos as my reference, I painted the fish with acrylics on Canson mixed-media paper. I then created a stone pattern with acrylics on a bath of methyl cellulose and laid my painting on it to create the environment, resulting in unique effects. Animal art being my passion, I have recently created paintings to help raise awareness of animal abuse, neglect and their environment. Prints of selected paintings are

this color scheme, I painted the blue of the water with a lighter Payne’s Gray. The mud in the bottom of the painting is a lighter version of the Burnt Sienna/Raw Sienna mix to add continuity. Bird’s Eye View Anne Peyton Acrylic on watercolor board 15" × 20" (38cm × 51cm) It may be obvious that my attraction to this owl was its eyes. The cryptic patterns of the bird’s feathers are beautiful as well, but those eyes are incredible. They are a remarkable color of orange, almost like a

gesso over an unsuccessful canvas. Sometimes that initial failure can inspire a new work. In Passage translucent blue-gray paint was layered over the original allowing some to show through. Coarse pumice gel and heavy gel were added to reinforce the basic design layout, and some of the original warm colors were added back. A wash of black paint and gloss medium was applied to the entire canvas then sponged away to highlight the textures. A Crack in the Foundation Paula Van Huss Acrylic and

seek. I started to explore the unusual effects when combining acrylics and acrylic inks of different densities, mixed with different amounts of medium. The first result of this breakthrough was the painting Aquifer Rising. The inspiration was the devastating drought in Texas. When the rains finally came, this is how I imagined the aquifers would look as they filled up again. “I have ruined many good paintings … in the hopes of producing a great one.” —MARK E. MEHAFFEY Yellow Tulip

splashes, drippings, various tools and brushes. One is challenged while enjoying the experience! A Budding Artist Nadine Merrill Persson Acrylic on canvas 28" × 22" (71cm × 56cm) When I see something that would make a wonderful subject, I cannot rest until I paint it. I love capturing the uniqueness and animation of animals and people, particularly children. For me, spontaneous events always determine the essence of each painting. For this piece, a few of my former students took me to

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