A Horse Called September

A Horse Called September

Anne Digby

Language: English

Pages: 78

ISBN: 0312391439

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Mary Wilkins embarks on a daring scheme to save the life and career of the beloved horse she has looked after while its owner, her childhood best friend, is away at boarding school.

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conversation between the Dewars which finally set her mind against it. Mary had scarcely seen Mrs Dewar around the farm since Anna had left for Kilmingdean and she had guessed that she was missing her daughter a great deal. Once she had noticed her in the kitchen garden, a tall figure with hair very fair like Anna's but flecked with grey, wandering along the paths, stooping now and then to tend a plant, her shoulders hunched rather forlornly. But she was out and about this Saturday morning. The

to hang on to him and save him from bolting. For the past two minutes Mr Rickard had tried to ignore the presence of Mary and her father, but now he could ignore it no longer. He hurried over to the high gate and peered through it. 'Stop that noise!' he shouted over the din. 'What d'you think you're trying to do.' John Wilkins took his hand off the horn. Now all was silent. 'Unlock that gate and let us in,' he said quietly. 'Why – why should I? This is private property.' 'Because I'm going

first night, long after everyone had gone to bed. 'It was a clear night, just like tonight.' There was almost a full moon and they might have been phantoms as they cantered round on the dew-covered grass. 'You know I've got faith in you,' Mary reminded the horse, as she patted him. 'Mr Dewar was so tense with you all the time, wasn't he? It was like the end of the world if you ever made a mistake! Remember that time I helped you get your confidence back?' As she took September over a few

been crying. The next day some of her feelings of foreboding, that nothing could ever be the same again, were dispelled. It was a beautiful day and both girls lived it to the full. Mary was woken by April sunshine shafting in through her bedroom window and the sound of her father taking the cows down the lane after milking time. She got up and cooked him a big breakfast. When they had both eaten she did her jobs around the cottage and then took a bag of provisions across to the farm to make a

Silverstock estate agents and auctioneers came to survey Chestnut Farm and make a valuation, prior to putting it up for auction in six lots. They were there for most of the day, two men in tweed caps and raincoats, wearing wellingtons especially for the occasion. One of them carried a briefcase from which he produced a very long metal rule on a spool from time to time, while the other one made notes. Inside the farmhouse they measured up the rooms exactly and when they came out they used the

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