A Death in Belmont (P.S.)

A Death in Belmont (P.S.)

Sebastian Junger

Language: English

Pages: 266

ISBN: 0060742690

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

In the spring of 1963, the quiet suburb of Belmont, Massachusetts, is rocked by a shocking murder that fits the pattern of the infamous Boston Strangler, still at large. Hoping for a break in the case, the police arrest Roy Smith, a black ex-con whom the victim hired to clean her house. Smith is hastily convicted of the murder, but the Strangler's terror continues. And through it all, one man escapes the scrutiny of the police: a carpenter working at the time at the Belmont home of young Sebastian Junger and his parents—a man named Albert

From the acclaimed author of A Perfect Storm comes a powerful chronicle of three lives that collide in the vortex of one of America's most controversial serial murder cases.

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weekday job? Ida Irga had a pillowcase knotted tightly around her throat and a foot wedged between the rungs of two separate chairs. It was, as one journalist explained it, a “grotesque parody” of a gynecological exam. The similarities between the murdered women were startling. They were all elderly and lived alone on modest incomes. Most were affiliated with local hospitals in some way and listened to classical music. Without exception they were described by friends as well-groomed and punctual

simultaneously trying to keep her husband from finding out. Her husband finally tracked Roy down and had a conversation with him that involved at least one knife, and after that the affair ended and Roy left Memphis for good. Working odd jobs, Roy followed his uncle to Wayne, Michigan, and then to Detroit and finally to Chicago. Uncle and nephew wound up on the West Side living together and working in restaurants together and drinking together and fighting together. According to James, they could

It’s hard to know what the “right” reaction would be in that situation. It’s possible that there is none. The conversation moved on from the murder to Sadie, who some in the apartment later claimed was almost too drunk to walk. Dorothy considered Sadie’s husband a troublemaker and was worried that he would show up at her apartment, so she asked Roy to send her home. Roy and Jimmy Dottin walked Sadie out of the apartment and carried her down the stairs to the ground floor. Sadie realized she had

the presumption of innocence.” Cohen’s summation had shied away from a grand theory of innocence for Smith and instead went for a blizzard of particulars. Smith was not avoiding arrest in Cambridge, Cohen claimed; he was simply looking for his girlfriend, Carol Bell. The next morning Smith accompanied Dorothy Hunt as she took her daughter to the optometrist, which required walking directly past the Cambridge police station in Central Square. Sidewalk vendors were already selling newspapers that

they had. What say you, Mr. Foreman? the court officer demanded. Do you find the defendant guilty or not guilty? Guilty, foreman Bird responded. Of what crimes? the clerk demanded. Of murder in the first degree, Bird responded. Bird told the court that the jury had also found the defendant, Roy Smith, guilty of the charge of larceny but innocent of the charge of rape. There is nothing in the law that insists a verdict must be logical, so Richard Kelley could not challenge the jury on the

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