A Charming Exchange: 25 Jewelry Projects To Create & Share

A Charming Exchange: 25 Jewelry Projects To Create & Share

Kelly Snelling, Ruth Rae

Language: English

Pages: 128

ISBN: B0056J62IE

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

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As a scrapbooker, you can never have enough inspiration, especially when it comes to great layout ideas. So whether you're stumped for a page design for your photos or just want to relax with some great scrapbook eye candy, you've picked up the right book.

Inside 601 Great Scrapbook Ideas you'll find hundreds of layouts to get your creative juices flowing. And because the layouts were created by over 200 scrapbook artists, there truly is something for every taste. Plus, you'll find scrapbooking tips and ideas for you to use on your own pages.

  • Hundreds of never-before-seen layouts
  • Pages on all your favorite subjects, including relationships, everyday life, special events, holidays, kids, pets and more
  • Great scrapbooking tips for your own layouts

With 601 Great Scrapbook Ideas great scrapbook inspiration is only a page away!

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Punch two holes in the piece, and then set an eyelet in each hole. Use metal shears to even up the two sides, and file the edges smooth. High-Drama Vintage Lace {FOUND-OBJECT SWAP IV} Mija Marie & Kelly Snelling Mija Marie takes collecting to a whole new level. On a regular basis, she will call to ask if I want to go in on a shipment of bug wings, mink bones or porcupine quills. We are kindred spirits. She also collects beautiful vintage lace, and she turned a piece of it into a necklace

pendant with the framed flying baby-doll head. We immediately fell in love with it and wanted to feature it on a special piece. Ruth and I played with the design in Ruth's studio. We worked feverishly in a tag-team style, gathering freshwater pearls, long white vintage beads that I had found at my local antique flea market, a tender little charm from Jess and a mysterious little number 3 charm from Cece. Ruth worked her magic to cull all these elements into a striking necklace with a found-object

that I’ll be bald soon. This is too perfect! —Joanna Pierotti , preparing to start chemotherapy Mija Marie & Debra Cooper Joanna Pierotti & Kelly Snelling Jennifer Rowland & Dawn Supina Sally Turlington & Marci Glenn Ruth Rae Mija Marie & Debra Cooper Ruth Rae Ruth Rae & Marci Glenn Crystal Neubauer & Maija Lepore Ruth Rae Sally Turlington & Ruth Rae Jennifer Rowland & Ruth Rae Ruth Rae & Liz Smith Ruth Rae & Maija Lepore SUGAR ’N

for a fantasy ride across the seven seas. Ruth also created some fabulous links. I don’t know how she comes up with so many wonderful design ideas, but she never fails to surprise me and take my breath away. I can’t wait to make these links myself! Decorative-Swirl Links {1} WRAP WIRES IN OPPOSITE DIRECTIONS Cut a length of 18-gauge wire to 5" (13cm). Secure two " (10mm) dowels in a vise and center the wire between them. Bring the two ends of the wire around in opposite directions.

over the open V section of the V-slot board (or bench pin). Files: We use a 6" (15cm) long, half-round, Swiss-made, medium-grit (2) file. It is a good size for filing a straight edge and a curved edge on sheet metal. You can find this file at most jewelry supply stores or online suppliers. Use your file with your V-slot board and clamp for the best leverage. Remember to file only in one direction. Mandrels: These are used to wrap your wire around to form a spring of coils that can be cut to

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