4th of July (Women's Murder Club, Book 4)

4th of July (Women's Murder Club, Book 4)

James Patterson, Maxine Paetro

Language: English

Pages: 210


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A young girl is killed in the crossfire after a routine arrest goes terribly wrong, and Lt. Lindsay Boxer has to defend herself against a charge of police brutality. In a landmark trial that transfixes the nation, Lindsay fights to save her career and her sanity. While awaiting trial, Lindsay escapes to the tranquility of the beautiful town of Half Moon Bay. But the peaceful community there is reeling from a string of unspeakable murders. Working with her friends in the Women's Murder Club, Lindsay finds a link between these killings and a case she worked on years before - an unsolved murder that has haunted her ever since. As summer comes into full swing, Lindsay battles for her life on two fronts: before a judge and jury as her trial comes to a climax and facing unknown adversaries who will do anything to keep her from the truth about the killings. It all comes to a head before the big annual 4th of July celebration on the waterfront at Half Moon Bay.

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assumed the position of a police officer when she’d had too much to drink. But she must admit that she didn’t follow procedures. And she must admit that she killed Sara Cabot and destroyed Sam Cabot’s life. “Ladies and gentlemen, we have police procedures in place to prevent deadly shoot-outs like the one that happened on the night of May tenth. “Those procedures weren’t made up after this tragic incident occurred. They’re time-tested and have been in effect for decades for a reason. Every cop

was the command to return to my side, but Martha totally ignored me. Instead, she drove the guy at a right angle away from me, uphill toward the grassy tops of the dunes. That’s when I realized that Martha wasn’t fooling around with him. She was protecting me. Son of a bitch. I’d been followed again! Chapter 127 I YELLED OUT, “HEY. Stop running and she’ll back off,” but neither dog nor man paid any attention. Finally, I charged after them, but climbing the crumbling twenty-foot-high

Lindsay?” “Just for the night, sweetie.” Cat turned on a light and looked around at the spackled bullet holes in the wall. “You didn’t pick up,” Cat said. “And the answering machine said it was full.” “It was full of reporters,” I told her, my heart still galloping. “Please forgive me for scaring the crap out of you.” Cat reached out with her free arm, hooked my head toward her face, and kissed my cheek. “You’re a damned scary cop, you know?” I walked with Cat and the girls to their room,

late,” said a voice. “Just turn around and get the hell out of here.” I reached for the wall switch and flicked on the light. What I saw was shocking, horrifying, unbelievable. The intruder with the knife was Carolee Brown. Chapter 139 CAROLEE WAS ABOUT TO commit murder. My brain stalled as I tried to assimilate the unimaginable. When it kicked back into gear, I acted, barking out a command at the top of my voice. “Back away from her, Carolee. Keep your hands where I can see them.”

every time I nodded off dreaming of paradise, I snapped awake, my heart racing like a cyclotron. Fact was, my looming court date had taken hold of my mind and I couldn’t think about anything else. Chapter 15 THUNDERCLOUDS GRAZED THE ROOF of the Civic Center Courthouse at 400 McAllister, and a lashing rain soaked the streets. Having dispensed with my cane this morning, I leaned against Mickey Sherman, attorney for the City of San Francisco, as we climbed the slick courthouse steps. I was

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